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Finding my credit

Administer your bookings under your WIZZ account, collect co-branded credit card points and redeem them for your next trip. Can' find my booking. Account WIZZ WIZZ account balances can be used to purchase and purchase WIZZ ticketsĀ . You can also make a installment if your account does not meet the cost, you can make the remaining amount by credit car. Points that have been redeemed by WIZZ co-branded credit or debit boards may have expiration date according to your arrangement with the credit or debit board issuing company.

Previously, if you have deposited funds to your WIZZ account that have elapsed, please make a request using our application to recover the elapsed time. Please refer to the WIZZ account terms and conditions. Charge your WIZZ account by credit or exchange points you earn with WIZZ co-branded credit or debit.

Once the money has been paid, the amount will be added to your WIZZ credit within two workdays. Credit cardholder points may have expiration times in accordance with your credit cardholder agreements.

To top up your PSNallet with a credit or debit you can do the following

Which credit and debit lines can I use? After your first order, your map data will be saved so that you do not have to re-enter it. Up to three maps can be saved to your bankroll. Children's families and sub-accounts do not have PSN wallets and cannot have payments method for their own bankrolls.

What do I do if I use a credit or debit key to top up my pocket? If you are subscribing to a subscription such as PS Plus, the Automatic addition of money to renew subscriptions or purchase pre-ordered content feature is enabled. Use this feature to charge your associated billing option if your PSNallet does not have enough money for a billing.

What will the charges be like on my ticket invoice? You will see SEN WiLife charges on your invoice as one of the following payments: And if you're not sure why such a deposit appears on your invoice, you can find out more by reading our Unauthorized Purchase Notice.

To resolve this, please review the issues with your credit or debit product.

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