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Do you know that if you are a Pentland customer, we can check the creditworthiness of your company, customers and/or suppliers free of charge? On-line information about any company or director you need. Credit ratings, risk analysis, deal research and comments.

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More than 350 million companies: 270 million companies in 220 online countries + 80 million companies that are not in the database. Approximately 10 billion corporate papers are available worldwide. Altogether, around 10 billion corporate documentation is available worldwide.

Perfect for all compliance and due diligence obligations ("KYC" and "DD"), money laundering prevention and financial auditing. Global Company Reports - Free search, online reports from under $10 (GBP 7.50) for the US and Europe. Extracts from the commercial register, original documents of the company.

Get a certificate/registration certificate, registrar's partner status certification, or legalized documents. Other services: standard and comprehensive due diligence. Reports and translation services for documents.

?????? ??????: Armadillo is RegTech and the data aggregator FinTech, which provides access to a comprehensive database of information about companies, individuals and documents from around the world.

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They can get some detail about a company for free, including: It is also possible to create free e-mail notifications to inform you when a company is updating its data (e.g. when the manager or mailing adress changes). You must sign up and it will cost 1 to obtain a copy of certain documentation.

Payment can be made by credit/debit or PayPal.

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This is a list of free ressources to help you find company ratings, finance information, news and other useful company information. Link to international, domestic and local directory lists of enterprises and enterprises. A useful list of company expansions and safety labels with countries of provenance and a precise description of the company typ. This list is created by Corporation Information as part of its comprehensive business information services and contains shortcuts to lists of business information repositories for each state.

Enterprise information services that provide enterprise profiling, lists of multinational enterprise indexes, industry-specific reporting, a list of enterprise expansions, multinational economic reporting, research reporting, and U.S. government enterprise information resources. Search for a particular state, sector or company. Registering is free of charge. 500 biggest enterprises of the earth, enumerated by countries and regions.

Every year the Financial Times issues a list of the world's biggest corporations and the top 500 for Europe, Japan, the UK and the US. Knowledgebase for Corporate Registrations Guide to the Library & Information Service that covers corporate registrations in a number of jurisdictions around the globe. Credit rating, credit rating, credit rating, transaction research and comments.

To use this feature a subscription is necessary. AIM company data base by name, branch, site, branch and broker. Available information on each company contains a graph of stock performance. Announcement services for UK listed businesses, which include regulated news, quarter results, acquisition, strategic reporting and dividend. Advertisements can be searched by brand, branch or company name.

Find by company name, FTSE index, industry or area. Helpful compilation of directory shortcuts to financial statements for publicly traded corporations with searching and FTSE index searching capabilities (for FTSE100, FTSE250, FTSE All Share and FTSE Small Cap indices). Likewise, the business studies are presented in a list by industry.

Free company name searching utility provided by Company House that allows you to find information on more than 2 million businesses. Results for each company contain a listing of available order forms. Lists, comprising UK listings on the NYSE and global listings.

This is a list of UK based NASDAQ quoted multinational corporations. For a complete list of multinational corporations by geographical region, please refer to the A-Z index on this page. Up-to-date and historical information on multinational corporations quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. List 150,000 businesses from 25 different nationalities.

The search is carried out by company name or product/service. Contains also information on European activities, trade shows and exhibits, the European Chambers of Commerce, standards organizations as well as country economy and markets data. Current company information directly from the commercial register. Complimentary company information services in France. You can search the data base by site, company name or branch.

The information center of the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which contains a list of company data bases with short reports in English. CRO provides a list of company name and address entries. Additional company information is available to bank accountholders. Information provided by an IT company to multinational clients in English.

Our fee-based subscription fee processing sevices available through enrollment cover business research, year-end reporting, who's who and competitive benchmarks. Business and credit information for information on Romania businesses. Contains Hoover's Masterlist short profile of 10,000 U.S. government and commercial enterprises. Fortune 500 is an annually ranked list of the biggest American enterprises.

Online versions contain company profile; the lists can also be obtained in tabular format from Fortune Datastore). An online resource for US business information. Previously known as Moody's Online Manuals. Provides access to the stock market's own websites. Free online business reporting from US corporations.

The EDGAR is the electronic data collection, analysis and retrieval system used by businesses and others who are legally obligated to submit filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). EDGAR free of charge service includes: Includes all publicly traded entities traded on the CNQ, NEX Board, TSX, TSX Venture, Montreal Exchange and Nasdaq Canada.

Submissions of public securities and company profile forms have been available from Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and the Depository for Securities (CDS) since 1997. Yearly online list of the 1000 best businesses and 350 best privately held businesses in Canada, created by Report On Business and Global And Mail. Contains product information, company information, ASX products and shareholders information.

Attendees have full Web site visibility into RI announcements, goal accomplishments, shareholder records, corporation management materials, and director information. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, information on the Hong Kong economy, share price and company information. Profile, press release, contacts and other information about Hong Kong government enterprises. Quoted company with company finder, stocks and bond issues, future and option, index, market information and stats.

Find corporations by name, principal, stockholder, address, or historic name. Sign up or book a company name, refresh the manager and contact information. Information on company registrations. Complimentary ressources, utilities, and information to help individuals create, administer, and expand their businesses. A free company index with fundamental information on over 300,000 businesses in the Middle East and North Africa.

Company information includes contacts and operations. Offers credit and other corporate reporting on Middle East, Northern Africa and Mediterranean businesses on a pay-as-you-go or subscriptions base. List of about 15,000 Middle Eastern and Northern Africa based businesses. However, some fundamental company information is available free of cost, while more in-depth information is available for a fee.

There is a useful listbuilder available that allows the user to build user-defined company listings.

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