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What is the difference between the cards of the new version and the old virgin cards? Two credit cards launched by Virgin Atlantic The airline's Virgin Atlantic has introduced two new credit cards that allow passengers to collect mileage, upgrade and travel companionships. They are good for Virgin's Flying Club mile collector - but our analyses show that they don't have the wow factors of British Airways' long-time charts. Virgin Atlantic's free rewards and £160 per year rewards cards provide a good portion of introducing incentive mileage, good running mileage per lb, and critical master cards are widely acceptable almost everywhere.

American Express tickets, which are not universally acceptable, are usually the best credit cards for rewards - such as BA tickets. Whereas Virgin cards provide a free air travel upgrades or escort tickets when you pay a certain amount in a year, these benefits only work to the extreme when you are a "golden" member of Virgin's Flying Club program.

And as you canxpect, top tier rank is awarded to Golden for either Megafrequency Flyer or Scheduled Premier Cruise Boat Passenger. Accompanying ticketing - where you buy one in points and get a second for zero, but each pays tax - is probably the largest drawing of airlines credit cards. However, as a simple "red" Virgin member, you can only receive one companion seat in Economy only.

The BA cards allow anyone to receive an accompanying Avios system complimentary travel pass in any category, including first category, regardless of their priority flight level. Rewards for frequently used programmes are however available only for a small amount - see our Bonus Avios Points Guidelines for how this system works. A further benefit of BA is that it operates short-haul flights, while Virgin only operates long-haul flights, which gives you more point redemption options.

Also, short-haul BA as well as long-haul routes in prime staterooms are usually the best ways to use points on a flight. "Virgin cards provide good reward, especially for those who collect points, and because they are master cards, they are more widely recognized than Amex. "However, they do not have the win factors of the BA cards, as it is much more challenging to get the sought-after seating couple in either BA or First Grade, unless you already have a Flying Club program tops.

" What are the points on Virgin Atlantic cards? Reward Cards - give 5,000 Virgin Flying Club Award Points if you buy any amount within 90 business days. Thank you for your interest. There are also 0.75 mileage for every 1 pound spend on the ticket. Reward+ membership - has an annuity of 160, but gives you a higher 15,000 points on your first deposit within 90 business Days and twice as many running points - 1.5 points for every 1 pound used.

Either offers twice the mile if you stay with Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, as well as Virgin Money Lounge entry throughout the state. What are the Virgin Escort Ticks and Upgrade procedures? On both cards, you will receive a rewards when you reach the Trip Expense Threshold (see first chart below).

Rewards can be selected from one of these options: One round trip for one or two one-way trips from a point purchased savings pass to your Premier Business (subject to availability). An escort pass. Rote members only in business; Silber, Economics or Premier Economics; and Golds, in each stateroom, including luxury classes.

To move from Rot to Gold in one year, Virgin offers two luxury yields, five Flexi Economy yields or 10 Pleasure yields. For more information on the levels, visit the Virgin Atlantic website. What are the Virgin Atlantic cards like compared to BA? BA Amex (Authorization Calculation / (Apply*) and BA Premium Plus (Authorization Calculation / Apply*) are the cards with which you are most likely to compare Virgin cards, as they provide an introduction reward and Avios points each use, which can then be used for the flight booking.

BA cards have only one kind of rewards for this comparative objective, namely the passenger pass, which can be used by anyone who fulfils the minimum requirements in any cab, depending on availabilities, regardless of their frequently used passenger category. What is it like to get a bonus airline seat?

The BA has certified that there are at least four Economie and two Economie per plane - there is no warranty for Premier Economie or First-Class tickets, but some are provided. Virgina has no fixed number of rewards places per plane, although it says that every year it publishes "hundreds of thousands" of rewards places.

To snap a picture of how many points you will need for the BA and Virgin programs, we have calculated the points needed for some of the BA and Virgin side trips from Heathrow. If I have one of the old cards, can I open a new virgin deck? Yes, as long as you have not requested any of the older cards in the last three month.

These new cards are powered by the Virgin Money family. Old Virgin Atlantic cards are distributed by Megna and are no longer available. What is the difference between the cards of the new and the old virgin cards? The old Virgin'Black and White' cards give you both an Amex and a Visa.

The new cards won't make you quite as many mileage as the Amex - which gives 1 for every 1 on the free map, 2 on the paid one. But you get more in comparison to the visa - the 0. Five points per 1 on the Toll Free and 1 on the Chargeable Cards.

You' ll need to buy more on the new Virgin cards to get an upgraded from Economics to Premier Economics - on the old cards you'll need to press a £10,000 expenditure trig on the free one, £5,000 on the paid one. New cards - although they don't "whine" on the accompanying cards - outperform old cards in this respect, as the "black and white" cards demand that you buy a free pass to get an accompanying coupon and the tax on the "free" one.

Do you know the gold rule of the Airlines ticket... a) Always FULLY refund, preferrably by debiting to prevent interest, or don't give any reward. b) Use the cards to substitute money, checks, and other cards for all regular expenses in order to maximize your profit, but don't use them as an apology to overspend money. c) Don't use these cards to draw money - you don't get any reward and you give interest.

This can also affect your creditworthiness. You can find more information in our airline credit card guidelines.

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