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Jamaica: "Do you take a Visa credit card?" Watch out for your new Visa card when your Mastercard expires at HSBC. We' ve now switched our credit card to Visa. MasterCard / Eurocard; Maestro;

American Express.

U.S. merchant Kroger contemplates expanded Visa credit card prohibition

After Visa credit card bans on exchange charges in its Foods Co. shops, US retailer Kroger issued a warning to Kroger that he could expand the directive to other sites. As of next Wednesday, 26 Foods Co. shops will no longer be accepting Visa credit card and will invoke dishonest exchange charges. CIO Chris Hjelm has issued a warning that the controversy could be escalating as the prohibition passes to the company's flagship trademark with more than 2700 shops.

"It' s quite clear that we have to go down this road, and if we have to extend it beyond Foods Co. we are ready to take this up. The Foods Co. will still be accepting Visa credit card and MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card. It is Kroger who works with Mastercard as part of its customer retention program.

Visa says in a declaration that it is "disappointed" and "will continue to work with Kroger to find a sensible solution". During 2017, Visa succeeded in settling a similar controversy with Walmart, which no longer accepted its credit card in Canada shops over "unacceptably high" charges.

Visa credit card | Help & Support

What made us switch from Mastercard© to Visa? A Visa card has been issued as our default credit card. What is the differences between Mastercard© and Visa? Keeping a Visa credit card is just as advantageous for you. HSBC credit cards offer all the advantages of HSBC, plus over 30 million credit card acceptances around the world and safe on-line purchases with Verified by Visa.

You' ll find that your credit card number changes, but your interest rate and fees the same. If I have been sent a note about converting my Mastercard© to a Visa credit card, I am not sure why? We' re now issuing visas as our default credit card. Just before your Mastercard© expires, you will be issued a Visa credit card.

No, I don't want a Visa credit card. May I keep my Mastercard© instead? Any Mastercard© Default Credit Card will be remitted to Visa at the end of its validity period. You can continue to take advantage of all the latest HSBC credit card features, as well as global adoption in over 30 million cities around the world and safe on-line purchases with Verified by Visa.

If I log in to my on-line bank, the card number for my credit card is a different number than the card I have in my pocket, why is that? The Mastercard© credit card is about to terminate and is being credited to a Visa credit card. Your new Visa credit card, which you will soon be receiving, will be the detail in your on-line financial transaction.

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