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Prices in Abridge, Romford, Essex, etc. The last update of this footage was on September 04, 2018. All other use of the Materials shall require the express prior consent of the Land Registry, which may be obtained from us, and shall be accompanied by an extra license and related costs. The majority of Abridge's last year's retail were twin households, which were selling on a £496,500 sale on averages.

Terrace property had an avarage selling value of £362,020 and freestanding property an avarage selling value of £675,000. Abridge, with a total median cost of £456,107 was more costly than Debden (£416,006) near by, but less costly than Theydon Bois (£695,859) and Chigwell Row (£528,765). Last year home values were soon 10% lower than last year and similar to 2014, when they stood at an annual £454,596 on averaging.

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Situated in the centre of Abridge, this historic town is close to nearby communities and cities such as Theydon Bois and Chigwell. Nicely presented, this three bed room with twin bed, half and half height..... Inside the house there are three rooms with two beds, a bath, a separate toilet, a large living room and a large dining room with open plan cuisine.

Located in the popular Abridge community, this 2 bedded, freestanding villa offers wonderful, remote gardening with plenty of car parks. Luxurious 50 x 20 x multi-storey car parc in a housing estate on the edge of Chigwell. Miller is delighted to be able to offer four bedrooms in this wonderfully furnished semidetached villa in four bedrooms villa chalet design.

Located in the tranquil town of Abridge, the estate is just a few minutes walk from the center of the town with its shopping, cafés, dining and amenities..... Contemporary villa with three bedrooms, wonderfully presented and hidden in a tranquil cul-de-sac. Initially constructed as a four-bedroom home, the home has been refurbished internal to meet the needs of today's owner, with minimum studs necessary to maintain the original appearance of the building....

Well equipped flat on the groundfloor with two bedrooms, located in a specially constructed blocks in Abridge. Roomy and well kept semi-detached home in first class position with large back yard and impressing lounge and entertainment room. These beautiful houses have been well looked after and taken care of by the present owner and are located in the....

Miller is pleased to be able to provide this two/three-bedroom semi-detached villa in the high quality Abridge town. Located in a quiet place near the seldom available plot, this home is perfect for someone who is looking for a downsizing or a new home.....

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