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Canada Free Creditworthiness

When you check your creditworthiness online, there are no free checks. Launch of free credit scoring tools by Capital One Canada Canadian citizens suffer from Strau├čensyndrom, according to a new Capital One study, which shows that more than half has never tried to reach their credit rating. Responding to this, Credit Keeper is launched, a credit monitoring system that gives clients free credit points. Ipsos surveyed 2,000 Canadians and 57% have never tried to determine their creditworthiness.

This is because many wait until they apply for credit to evaluate their credibility instead of pursuing it in a proactive manner. Capital One will gradually introduce the new tools to its clients on its website. TransUnion calculates the results on the basis of information from the consumer credit report and updates them every weekly.

Commenting on the announcement, Shane Holdaway, Chairman of Capital One Canada, said, "We believe that personalised personal computing solutions such as Credit Keeper will help Canadians on their way to a prosperous and financially rewarding tomorrow."

Morrowell | White Star Capital

Recent analysts' estimates suggest that Canada's consumer credit industry rose by 4.7 percent to $1.5 billion in 2016, matching U.K. ($1.6 billion) and German ($1.4 billion) growth. Fintech's introduction into the analogue world is less than half that of other similar sized economies. It has become a reliable advisor to its Romanian clients by assisting them to take charge of their own personal finances, offering them free credit and free entry to related finance services.

digit-first's technology gathers credit requests, credit scores and credit history from tens of millions of users and translates them into high-performance records that allow the business to deliver personalised referrals and better forecast and develop the set of analytics instruments and consumer goods they need to enhance their wellbeing. The proof of their triumph are the figures: So far, over 300,000 Canadians have used Borrowell to find out their creditworthiness or to review their creditworthiness.

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