How to Apply for a Credit Card with no Credit

Applying for a credit card without a credit card

Connect with over a million customers. Do not pay interest on credit transfers without a credit transfer fee. Keep in mind that there are no credit checks, your credit cards and how you use them, the difference could be whether you rise to the real estate ladder or a mortgage is rejected. If you live with your partner, you must apply as a couple. Yes, this page is useful No, this page is not useful, Is there a problem with this page?

You cannot receive the card if you make less than this each year.

You cannot receive the card if you make less than this each year. If, for example, a credit card is only available to individuals earning more than 15,000 and you are earning 13,000 pounds per year before taxes, you will be rejected when you apply. How can you find a map?

This is also displayed for each map: This is what you can do to find a credit card that accepts you. If you are a college graduate or have a poor credit, there are also special maps that have been developed for you. This guide explains how to get a credit card when:

This is how you use your credit card so that you can prevent charges and increase your debt. Where can I get my first card? If I have poor credit, can I get a card? Could I get a common credit card? Is it possible to get more than one credit card?

When I retire, can I get a Cit card?

Four big card choices

There is a credit carry-over option available for all our financial services (except student credit cards) for a temporary duration to help you better administer your financial affairs. For every Mastercard matched Balanced Transfers there is a 2.49% Balancing Transfers charge and for other card balances there is a 2.98% charge. There is a specific introduction package for all our items so that your purchase is guaranteed!

Paid on schedule every single day of the week and stick to your credit line to maintain your promotion payments. At the end of the promotion, each amount due is remunerated at your default floating interest date. The new card uses non-contact card payment so you can instantly make payments of up to 30 pounds when you see the non-contact icon.

Just put your card over the contactless card scanner and await the lights - it's fast, simple and safe. To transfer all the advantages of your credit card to your husband or wife, make him or her an extra cardholder on your bankroll. Up to three extra card holders can be added to your bankroll without incurring any costs.

All other card holders must be 18 years of age or older. Remember that you are responsible for all debts incurred by extra card holders on the bankroll. There will be extra fees if you use your credit card outside the UK. You are already a client and would like to create or change a direct debit?

To make it easier for you, just dowload the attached acceptance giro form and fill it in. It is also possible to create a credit memo by phoning 0345 309 8099. The general business regulations apply.

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