How to Scrub your Credit Report

Scrubbing your credit report

Anti-money laundering & CIFAs that appear on my credit report?????


Hello Potsworth, without going into my regular chatter about CIFAS... You have two choices: 1 ) one year ( actually 14 month ) to await the expiry of the alert, then request; 2) request a base checking account with Alliance & Leicester, but beware: you are a murderer with banking fees.

Because of your IVA, in both cases you can only get a simple banking deposit. It' gonna track you for the next 6 years, and that means 6 years without a full banking system, but there are ways. I would also advise you to get a credit from Vanquis or the like as soon as the CIFAS expires.

Chapter 1 also gives you a map, provided that no default settings/ccjs/ivas ...etc. are recorded by them and no CIFAS flags. Exercise a strict 25% of your credit line each and every monthly and disburse it at the end of the year. For example, 6 monthly of this behavior with Fund 1 will enhance your scores and you will be given a higher credit line.

Concerning CIFAS, I am trying to gain enough dynamism here and in another fora to bring them to justice and bring them to trial for a number of DPA and crime acts. Here you will find the voting links if you are interested in voting. After all, because of the curvy way CIFAS was supposed to work, there is NO way I know that will compel them or their subscription to scrub a red alert flags... it's entirely at the member's own discretion and in 9.9 out of 10 cases they will just tell you to skip....

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