I need to fix my Credit

I' ve got to fix my credit.

What does it matter if I have credit on my credit card for a long time? Skip to Can I repair my credit file? Don't be discouraged after checking your credit file - from here it should only get better.

Fix that has now been authorized for

In the meantime, I was hoping you knew I was writing a novel! Well, if not, you' d better take a look at what I just did for a books! The A Leader's Guide to Great Talentis is a premium talent acquisition guide at Amazon and the best-selling SHRM Talent Conference SHRM Talent Guide (Top 8 at SHRM National, which was really cool!).

In addition, it was recently certified for re-certification of SHRM CP and SCP! Well, you buy the ledger. You' ve been reading the ledger. SHRM and I will authorize you to recertify your SHRM CP or SCP! Okay, I really have nothing to do with the approval of your SHRM CP and SCP!

They' ve just read the whole thing and divided one of the big takes they got out of the books and it wasn't one I was expecting! If you think of Employment Branding and Recruitment Marketing (Chapter 7), we have a tendency to think that it is the first Employment Branding (EB) and then the Recruitment Marketing (RM).

Indeed, these two roles within Talent Acquisition are really totally segregated! At first you made your EB, then you used RM to pass your EB on to the public you were after. Having read my blockbuster she realised that these two features really have nothing to do with each other.

So you can build a fantastic EB and divide it with people without any kind of RM policy or tech, and it can be great. It is not necessary to have both, but both work together and build a synergism that does not have one without the other! Build a great EB and build a great RM engine and you'll see results that are far better than anything you've ever done before.

Often we think much more about our EB than the real markets in which we are recruiting, lending ourselves. OK - this is about 1/16 of a SHRM CP or SCP credit - buy the books and get the remainder!

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