Latest Mortgage Rates

Current mortgage interest rates

The table below shows our current mortgage rates for our entire product range. For new mortgages, the following rates apply. Are you in a world of fluctuating interest rates looking for a reliable repayment plan?

Current mortgage interest rates

These rates are applicable to newly issued mortgage loans. Current borrower should review their credit contract for interest rates confirm. Above compare a 25-year mortgage. The APCR may vary if charges are added to the loans. The interest is charged every day on the mortgage reduction net.

Please note that our mortgage product is only available to a restricted extent and can be cancelled at any given moment. Prepayment penalties are payable. All other costs and expenses may be incurred. Requests are governed by the usual credit requirements and all credits are governed by statute. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments.

Which is a fixed-rate mortgage?

Which is a fixed-rate mortgage? The five-year interest fix is just a mortgage where the interest remains the same for five years. However, they are slightly more costly than variable-rate mortgage loans. A five-year fixed-rate mortgage could be an option if you are on a limited household budget and/or do not want to fear the risk of interest rates going up.

You have the assurance of being sure you know exactly what you are going to be paying every single months. You' re paying a bonus for that. Mortgage loans with interest rates slightly higher than those of trackers. So if you are confident that interest rates will not go up to an invaluable level, resetting a trackers mortgage may be a lower priced alternative.

Five-year fixation is one of the longer term fix rates on the mortgage markets, so only go with one if you think interest rates are likely to go up in the next five years, and you wouldn't be able to buy bigger mortgage repos. Take advantage of our mortgage interest index to get the latest interest forecasts to help you make an educated choice.

Your interest and payment rates will not be met if the basic interest increases. If you know exactly what you will be paying each and every five years, you can improve your budgeting. When interest rates rise, you could end up paying much less back than someone on a floating interest mortgage. One five-year fixed will tended to have a higher interest rates than floating interest rates because you are paying a premium for blocking an interest will.

There' s no way the payment's gonna go down. Five-year fixation protects you in the event of a rate increase, but you can end up making a payment in excess of the rate if interest rates drop. When you want a remortgage or move before your five years are up, you will have to pay to get out of your mortgage agreement.

As a rule, the lower interest rates come with higher setup charges for arrangements or mortgages.

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