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Collateralized Loan Option - Find out more at QuickQuid Which are secured credits? A secured loan is right for me? Collateralised loans are best used to raise higher sums over a longer payback time. And what does QuicQuid do? QuicQuid provides short-term loans - up to 1000 for new clients and 1500 for current clients - with the flexibility of 1, 2 or 3 payback cycles.

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Funding for almost every need is possible thanks to tens of UK creditors who offer secured loans. Which is a secured credit? This is a credit secured by a type of private material asset that a creditor can own and resell in the case of failure. The majority are backed by a home that provides loans of £125,000 or more.

Collateralised loans taken out against a house are secured on the basis of shareholders' funds. However, a creditor who offers a mortgage would not be able to excess this capital. Also, the bank's past record and repayment capability are important determinants. A mistake or two in your lending record cannot stop you from getting a secured credit, but it can cut the amount you can lend while raising the interest you are paying.

Remember these things when you are applying for a mortgage. Put your faith in us when we say that the difference between creditors can be significant. Lending sums - Creditors all have different thresholds and ceilings that they are willing to use for lending in secured operations. Conditions of the loans - The conditions of the loans relate to the amount of your repayment period.

APR - The APR for each individual mortgage is the "annual percentage"; it is the amount of interest you are paying each year on the amount of your mortgage overdue. You can, for example, receive an origin fees for taking out your mortgage and an early redemption charge. As an alternative, you can also call our courteous staff of secured credit analysts who will give you free expert advise.

Most of our creditors are in contact with our staff, who will draw up your request and present it to the selected creditor so that it appears in the best possible condition. Collateralized loans are a very good facility for taking out large quantities of large amount of cash over a long period of time. Secured loans experts are here to help you make smart choices so that you could get the best loans for your needs.

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