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Commercial Credit Brokers & Financing Solutions UK Being a specialist for financing alternatives, we are proud to find the right form of financing for every company. Located near Bournemouth in Dorset, our seasoned staff works with customers across the UK to find the resources they need to drive their businesses forward. Our goal is to simplify corporate financing.

No matter whether you need a bridge credit, your own money supply or help buying a home for yourself, Genie Lending can help. Alternate financing solutions - Often shopholders are unaware of what alternate financing alternatives are available. When you have been rejected by a local banking institution for a credit, we can provide peer-to-peer financing or arranging revolving loans for dealers.

Cashflow Funding - This kind of funding is predicated on your commercial liquidity, not your wealth. Let your company run without a hitch. Bridge Credits - If you need short-term funding, a bridge credit is perfect. At Genie Lending, we work with all large credit providers to ensure that each customer has the right bridge for them.

Agrarian Financing - We offer agrarian financing services to farming organizations across the UK. Our alternate financing alternatives are a good option if you are having difficulty obtaining a credit from a local creditor. Financing for Development - We specialize in financing small to large real estate projects. Uncovered Trade Loans - A quick uncovered trade debt can be obtained in single digit work time with Genie Lending.

As a rule, they are used as an alternate to an open item of credit. Working Wage Working Capitals - It is uncommon for a company to have the money in advance to be able to start expanding. When you want to see your company growing, we can arranging a working cap facility. Plant financing - We can help you free up the funds committed in your plant such as machines or plants.

And we also provide financing flexibility so companies can choose to buy the costly devices they need. Commercial M&A - If you need financing assistance with your commercial M&A, Genie Lending can provide a wide array of financing services. If you need a helpful wrist to get your new deal off the ground, Genie Lending provides a number of ways to inject equity.

We help profit-making companies to profit from the lending of a range of small clients rather than a large lender. To learn more about our range of financing products and solutions, please contact us to talk about your needs.

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