Mortgage Equity line of Credit

Equity Mortgage Equity Credit line of credit line

Hypothecary equity is the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and the current value of your property. An HELOC can be used to improve your home and increase your equity. Owner-occupied home loans and credit lines are usually repaid in less time than first mortgages.

Marketingmanager - Mortgage and home equity line of credit - HSBC - New York

Mr. Role joins mortgage and home equity line of credit generation, custody and utilization market research programmes aimed at banking clients through multiple media outlets that include advertising, emails and store security. - Strong Senior Campaign Manager with more than 5 years senior campaign development, campaign administration and execution track record, multi-channel capabilities across the company incl. DMA and EMAs, insight into the finance sector (mortgage a plus), strong analytic capabilities, executive level executive track record, excellent communications and client orientation, prior responsibility for budgeting.

  • Managing the evolution of appropriate, prompt and quantifiable direct and indirect sales efforts for the main SBU strategies, focusing primarily on attracting new mortgage clients through distribution channel. Working with senior executives to execute the company's merchandising strategies, campaign design included. Monitoring of the company's competitiveness within the relevant client segment and the entire sector through continuous research, sector surveys, in-house analyses and reporting from other divisions and supervisors.
  • Development and administration of budget while at the same time securing controlling the costs of your own budget related activities. - Should have sound knowledge of measuring and optimizing KPIs in the areas of DMA and e-mails. Use the results of the survey to determine the course of your online advertising campaign. Communication of the results of the analyses to the top managers if necessary.

Formulate your strategies and procedures, follow open points and ensure that the open points are resolved. - Maintain HSBC's substantive in-house controls standard, as well as the timeliness of HSBC's compliance with in-house and outside audits and any matters arising from outside regulatory authorities. - At least five years plus demonstrated and advanced level professional development background in markets, of which at least three years demonstrated professional development background in finance or sectoral or management consultancy or equal.

  • Vigorous predilection for candidates with broad hands-on experiences in managing DMA campaigns and sector knowledge. - Bachelor's in Marketing, Business Administration, Related Areas or similar level of proficiency. - Powerful capabilities in planing, analysis, communication, decisions, cross-cutting, influencing, intermediate and process control. - Demonstrate your ability to understand client segments and manage technology.

Verified understanding of the businesses being backed, as well as the product, service and outside environments that affect them. - Demonstrated capacity to work and interact efficiently in a team-oriented setting, in different divisions, entities and at higher organizational tiers within the company; track record of effective communication within the company and with client groups.

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