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The best credit card offers for October 2018 - inclusive AmEx Gold special offers Insider Picksteam is writing about things we think you'll like. Collecting new member bonus is the quickest way to collect credit card points and mileage. Use points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or American Express Platinum Card for practically free trips, updates, cash back, vouchers or more.

While some of these deals are new - like a great new deal from Hilton - others are only available for a temporary period - like a similar deal from STARWODK - so don't miss it. These are some of the best welcome rewards and card items available in October 2018.

Collecting credit card reward points for your daily expenses is simple, especially with credit card products that offer bonuses for things like food or in malls. The quickest and simplest way to quickly accumulate many points - whether you're on a great journey but don't have enough, or just want to start your business - is to open a new credit card that provides a rewarding welcome bonuses.

Card issuers like Chase and AmEx provide massive bonus schemes to draw in shoppers, and while each card may have different authorization levels, in most cases, if you've never had that card before, you're ready to go. Find out more about how to earn new card member bonus money and how it will impact your credit rating here, or scrounge down to find some of the best deals this months.

Remember, we focus on the reward and benefits that make these tickets great choices, not on things like interest rate and overdue charges that can far exceed the value of all of them. If you are working to make credit card cash, it is important to exercise fiscal control, such as fully settling your balance every single monthly, making timely payment and not exceeding what you can afford and repay.

You should always use your credit card as a direct debit card. Launched at the end of August, the SPG Luxury Card is the first new card to be launched under the Starswood label since its fidelity programme was fused with Marriott's this year. This new card has a number of new advantages and functions, but one is only available if you request a card before the end of October - a welcome bonus of 100,000 points after spending $5,000 in the first three month.

Please be aware that if you have opened a Marriott Card from Chase in the last two years, you will not be entitled to the new upside. Though the new card has an $450 per year charge, it comes with a fair rate of amenities and advantages to compensate for that. Every year, card members can receive up to $300 in credit for Starwood and Marriott hotel shopping, which may count toward room rates.

In addition, each year to celebrate your card member's jubilee, you will receive a free overnight premium that can be cashed at any 50,000 point per room or less cost-it should include a large variety of real estate. You can also receive free Gold Elite membership and receive Gold Alert membership if you spent $75,000 or more on the card in a year.

Cardholders receive 6 points in the Starwood and Marriott Hotel, 3 points in US Restaurant and on a flight directly reserved with the carrier and 2x points on everything else. For more information about Insider Picks' partner's SPG Luxury Card, click here: 25,000 Member Rewards Points if you spent $2,000 in the first three month.

American Express started a major relaunch of its Premier Awards Card this past Monday, naming it American Express Card and a new metallic look, as well as a pink gilded limit release, and completely overhauled the card's awards and advantages. As this was not enough, AmEx has also introduced a rather special new welcome bonuses.

This new Gold Card will earn 4x points in US restaurant and up to $25,000 a year in US super markets, 3x points on direct flight bookings with the carrier and 1x point on everything else. Relying on the fact that you can earn member reward points readily for each more than 1 of value, this is the highest paying card for anything to do with foods.

Gold Card retains the $100 airfare credit from the old card each year, and totals $120 in meal loans - divided into $10 per monthly - at Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth's Steak House or Shake Shack venues. For new card members - those who have never received Premier Rewards Gold before - a welcome Bonus of 25,000 points can be awarded if they spent $2,000 in the first three weeks.

In addition, those who submit their application before January 9 may receive 20% off all U.S. dining fees - up to a maximum of $100 - in the shape of a credit. Although it is hard to accurately measure Member Rewards points, The Points Guy website has estimated each point at 1.9C.

This makes the welcome bonuses of $575 - $475 for the points and up to $100 back from restaurant. This is more than enough to offset the $250 per year card charge, even without taking the yearly credit advantages into account. For more information about Insider Picks' partner's AmEx Gold Card, click here:

American Express Platinum has one of the highest yearly charges of any credit or debit card - $550 - but as AmEx's flag ship credit card, this credit card provides enormous value to compensate for this amount. In my first year with the card, for example, I received a value of more than 2,000 dollars.

Membership Rewards Points, the AmEx Fidelity Programme denomination that can be redeemed for credit or cashback to purchase trips through the AmEx website or to wire to one of the 17 airlines and three hospitality transfers to earn the highest value (transferable points are among the best).

The Points Guy website offers a rating of 1.9 per membership reward point; on this basis, the welcome offering is valued at approximately $1,140. Since $5,000 is one of the toughest expenditure demands of any credit card, this is an excellent opportunity to open it - with vacation expenditures and upcoming trips, you can use these scheduled expenditures to achieve a higher level of necessary expenditure than you normally could.

Platinum Card will earn an amazing 5x points for flights bought directly from the carrier and offer a credit of $200 for flight fees and up to $200 for over credit per card member year each year. Additional advantages included automated golden élite at Starwood, Marriott and Hilton Hotel, bank account credit for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck registration, convenience services and more.

Here you can find our full map reviews. Signup Bonus: 50,000 points (after $4,000 spend in the first three months). With the Sapphire Preferred being one of the most loved all-round reward tickets, it's simple to understand why. The card will earn 2x points per dollars that will be spend on almost all your holiday and food shopping, and 1x point for everything else.

There is also a Tonne of Travelling and Buying Protection, such as Rent a Vehicle Cover, Delayed Travelling Cover and Enhanced Guarantee. Enrollment bonuses - 50,000 UR points - are at least $500 in cashback or gifts. But if you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards website to buy trips and use points to earn points, you'll receive a 25% discount, giving you points valued at 1.25¢ each.

Which means the sign-up bonuses would be $625 valuable. More lucratively, with Chase Sapphire Preferred you can earn UR points on several different airline programmes and hotels. All this comes for a pretty normal $95 per annum charge, which is adopted in the first year.

Signup Bonus: 50,000 points (after $4,000 spend in the first three months). Sapphire reserve is essentially a more powerful variation of the Preferred. With the same sign-up bonuses, the card accumulates points for daily expenses more quickly by earning higher 3x points per dollars for trips and food shopping and 1 x for everything else.

There are also similar, though in many cases improved, measures for protection of travellers and purchases. In contrast to Preferred, Sapphire Reserve has a Priority Pass Select subscription that gives you and your travelling companion free entry to more than 1,000 international airports around the globe. Points from the reserve can be used in the same way as with the Preferred one, except that when you book a trip through Chase you will receive a 50% discount so your points are always 1.5¢.

This card bears a higher annuity than the preferred one: However it also comes with a $300 trip credit per card member year. Every year, you'll receive bank statements for the first $300 in travel-related spending you make, which includes things like metro fares, taxes, park and toll fees, as well as airline and hotel charges.

If you deduct this balance from the annuity, the card is actually only $150 per year. When you are not sure whether the preferred or the reserve is the better card for you, take a look at this itemization. Remember also that you can usually only get the registration discount for a card of the brand Saphire every two years.

Signup Bonus: 15,000 points or $150 cashback (after $500 spent in the first three months). When you already have the Sapphire Reserve and save your points for something, the Freedom Unlimited can give your equilibrium a good push. Chase will market the card as a "cashback" and it will actually earn Ultimate Rewards points that you can convert for real money (1 point = 1¢).

When you have a sapphire reserve card, you can collect points from both of them. Freedom Unlimited deserves 1. With 5 points per dollars issued, coupled with a Sapphire Reserve, it is a great card to use for shopping that is not made for travelling or food.

And best of all, the card has no annuity and often has 0% APR for the first 15 month of shopping and transferring money. Chase Freedom Unlimited is a great all-round card. But to get the most value when it comes to spending your points, you also need the sapphire reserve or your favorite card to collect your points.

For more information about the Chase Freedom United partner of Insider Picks, click here: Signup Bonus: 60,000 mileage ( after you spend $5,000 in the first 90 days). Early this year, Barclays completed one of its most favorite credit card requests before launching the card with a new, highest sign-up reward yet.

Barclays then, at the end of last months, began to waive the $89 per annum card charge for the first year, a premiere for the card. Barclaycard Arrival Plus collects twice the amount of mileage on every dollar you spend. You can redeem your mileage for one penny each for your trip shopping (as a bank account credit to neglect the costs of that purchase) or for half a penny each for a refund or card gifts.

This means that the sign-up incentive is $600 valuable for trips, plus another $100 from the mileage you receive to meet your expense requirements. This card is fitted with a smart card and PIN system which, together with the fact that it has no international transfer charges, makes it a good international travelling choice.

Dependent on your spend patterns, it is simple to get more value from the card than you are paying for the annuity, thanks to the double income rates on all your shopping. Naturally, the registration discount alone covers the annuity for more than seven years. Signup Bonus: 30,000 Go Far points (after $3,000 spent in the first three months).

Wells Fargo's new card has one of the most appealing reward programmes you can get from a card with no annuity. Wells Fargo already discontinued the acceptance of old card requests in February, before it announced the new card release and this months reopened the card requests.

Card receives 3x points on all trips, meals and selected streamings ( and 1x point on everything else ). Well, if that may sound well known, it's because it's almost the same as the beloved Chase Sapphire Reserve. With Propel you can earn points for 1 each for cashback, goods, travels or more, while Sapphire Reserve provides a number of more rewarding cashback opportunities - it's simple to earn at least 50% more value for Chase points.

Sapphire Reserve also provides a number of additional benefits that Propel does not provide, such as free entry to the International Airports Lounges, a $300 per year credit trip late policy and more. The Sapphire Reserve is of course also offered with an annuity of $450, while the Wells Fargo Propel has no annuity. The Propel is a good choice between the new member offering and the sound earnings rates in the beloved spending classes for those who do not often need to go or do not feel at ease charging a high annuity.

The Hilton recently unveiled new, highest ever bonus on its four co-branded credit card, offering a great way to earn points for free overnight stays in your city. One of the great benefits of the Hilton Honors Reward Programme is that if you spend free night with points, it's actually free - unlike many other resorts, you don't even have to foot a resorts charge.

From the 125,000-point welcome bonuses to the fact that the Ascend card provides a free week-end getaway if you spent $15,000 on it within a year, you've got the conditions for a great long trip to the hotels without having to make a payment. Ascent has an $95 per year charge, but provides some sound advantages to compensate for that.

This card provides a free golden state just to hold it. Spending $40,000 on the card within a single year will result in you becoming a Diamond. Besides the same advantages you would get from earning money - free breakfasts, room upgrade, a point earning bonuses, delayed cash register and a free fifth rewards evening - Diamond gives you a higher room upgrade rate, entry to the VIP lounges and more.

It also includes 10 free daily tickets for the Priority Pass Terminal Lounge. As an Ascend, you earn 12x points on Hilton buys, 6x points on restaurant, petrol station and grocery store shelves - all within the USA - and 3x points on everything else. For more information on the Hilton Honors Ascend card from Insider Picks' affiliate The Points Guy, click here.

Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card has a high $450 per year membership rate, but it provides so many discounts, advantages and advantages that it's more than rewarding to pay for Hiltonoyalists. Additionally to a credit of $250 airfare per year and a credit of $250 Hilton Resort Statements for each card member year, the Aspire also provides a credit of $100 Hilton On-Property each and every night you spend on a Hilton real estate - all you have to do is make a reservation through a dedicated cardholder website.

This card also includes a free week-end bonus every year - no matter how much you pay - and a second bonus if you pay $60,000 for the card in a year. Aspire deserves an enormous 14x points per dollars issued at Hilton, 7x points on airlines, rental cars and US restaurant tickets and 3x points on everything else.

For more information on the Hilton Honors Aspire Card from Insider Picks' affiliate The Points Guy, click here. Signup Bonus: 80,000 points (after $5,000 spent in the first three months). Preferred ink is an outstanding reward for credit cards - the nasty thing is that it is only available to small businesses.

This card, which has an $95 per annum charge, will earn 3x points per $150,000 for the first $150,000 you spent each card member year in several different areas, which include travelling, mail order, Internet/cable/telephone and advertisements on community websites or advertisements on popular websites such as Google Ads. As with Sapphire Preferred, you will receive a 25% discount if you purchase directly with Chase using your Ink Preferred points.

Obviously, if you put them together on your Sapphire Reserve Card, this 50% discount will apply instead. There are a few other benefits on the card, many of which coincide with the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve, such as travel rescission and break age cover, initial hire losses and damages, and various purchasing insurances.

There also comes with mobile telephone coverage when you use the card to use your telephone bill to make payment, providing up to $600 for each insured claim. What is more, you can use the card to make your call... * This content is not provided by the card issuers. None of the views, analysis, ratings or recommendation contained herein are those of the Authors alone and have been verified, authorized or otherwise confirmed by the Card Publisher.

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