What to take to a Mortgage Advisor

Which you should take with you to a mortgage advisor

All you need to bring with you to your mortgage appointment. The bank statements for the last three months. Pay slips for the last three months and details of guaranteed overtime, bonuses or commissions. When you are self-employed, you must provide proof of your accounts for the last three years.

Checklist for the mortgage date

Plenty of documentation and information is needed when you make a mortgage request. If you can take more documentation with you to your first mortgage talk, you can move faster. We have put together a practical date check list - but don't be afraid if you can't find every one.

Make sure that you are bringing along originals. Talk to one of our advisers and we can help you and lead you through the entire mortgage lifecycle, from the first date that can be done in a retail store or on the telephone.

Meet the mortgage advisor - what to consider?

Morning, my associate and I have a date with his family's mortgage advisor. And we are in the very lucky situation that my partner's wife and daughter, through a fiduciary pool, makes a 80,000 pound payment into a home for us. £120k. The mortgage folks have said we can lend up to £120k. Exactly what documents do we need to take to the session?

There are also about 20k debts between us which the trustee funds will disburse, and then we will repay his wife and daughter over a longer term. Hypothecary folks know about this indebtedness, so we have to take along plastic statement etc?

We' ve never done this before, and we're not sure what we're doing. I' m saying what I want, I' m liking what I' m saying!

The things you should take with you to a mortgage date

In order for the date to be as prolific as possible, please be sure to provide the following information at your time. In order to obtain an Agreement in Principle (AIP), we need evidence of identity, addresses and incomes. It should take about an hours to do a security check and would make sense if you could:

If you already have any protective schedules, along with any that we have created for you.

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