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The majority of air tickets have an annual fee, as the rewards you can get are often worth quite a bit. This British Airways Amex* has no annual fee, however, and there are Bonus Avios when you join and press the spending trigger on the card. The 2 best United Airlines flight awards - both from Chase.

Insider Picks staff write about things we think you'll like. The right credit card can make a big difference in the way you enjoy traveling by plane. There are two major credit card types that you should consider if you have a tendency to use United. The Chase Sapphire Reserve is your best option if you want to collect more United mileage.

However, if you're looking for in-flight and airfare advantages, the United Explorer Card is the best choice. Don't miss our review of the best credit card for Delta-Flyer and American Loyalist. The majority of large US carriers have at least one co-branded credit card that you can use to collect mileage each time you use the card.

Often these tickets come with discounts when you travel with the airline. United' makes no exceptions. Although United does offer two co-branded tickets (issued by Chase) that allow you to accumulate mileage for expenses and benefits, these tickets may not be the best choice for faithful United pilots. In the end, it will depend on what you expect from your card.

These are the two best choices for anyone flying with United. However, if your top priorities are to earn more United mileage so you have enough for free rides, United co-branded tickets are not really your best choice. Instead, you should consider the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

This is because the reserve earned 3x points per dollars spend on all travels and food (and 1 x for everything else), and these points can be assigned to any of nine airlines - United included. Because they are transmitted 1:1, this means you earn 3x United Meals while traveling and eating.

This is the United Explorer card, although this card still has a reasonable earnings ratio for a co-branding card: Earn 2x mileage on United groceries, restaurants and hotel rooms and 1 for everything else. Though the Sapphire Reserve card has a high $450 per annum charge, the associated advantages more than outweigh the charge.

Immediately there is an annually credit of 300 dollars. You' ll receive bank statements to help meet your first $300 in spend per year, covering everything from metros, cabs, rides and parkings to fares, hotel rates, airbnbs, cruise tickets and more. There are also advantages such as more than 1,200 Priority Pass airports around the globe, delayed journeys and luggage loss/delay insurances, a bank account credit to help meet Global Entry or TSA PreCheck registration requirements, first hire and more.

For more information on Insider Picks' partner's Chase Sapphire Reserve, click here: Chase introduced the United Explorer Card in early June 2018 with some new functionality, but it is similar to the United MileagePlus Explorer Card it replaces. Older versions of the card collected 2x mileage on United shopping and 1 on everything else.

Now it' s earning 2x mile at restaurants and hotel-- This is a respectable figure - especially for a co-branded card - although obviously not as good as the Sapphire Reserve. It also offers a few advantages that can be useful for United Royalists who do not have élite rank, with similar advantages.

If you use the card to purchase your ticket, you - and up to four travel guides when you make your booking - can each give up one pocket free of charge. And for those who don't have hold baggage, the card gives everyone on your booking preferred snowboarding - you get this advantage even if you buy your ticket with another card.

One of the United Card's great advantages is that you receive two free United Club Lounge cards every year. Remember that in the past the card used to offer higher sign-up discounts either during promotional campaigns or for single people. Please click here to find out more about Insider Picks' partner's United Explorer Card:

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