All Bank Credit Card Apply

Apply all bank credit cards

Thats where you start to pay a low interest rate or none at all. Could we have a credit card without having a bankroll? Need a bank at the same bank that you want a credit card from? When this is the issue, the response is no, you do not need to have a bank at the same bank from which you want a credit card.

You need a bank at all, any bank, to get a credit card? When this is the significance of the issue, then the answer is YES, you need a bankroll to get a credit card. Fundamental things about obtaining a credit card: In order to obtain a credit card, you should have a good credit rating (CIBIL) and income certificate.

Neither can be achieved if there is no bank at all. Intermediate way to get a credit card: A credit card can be chosen even if you have no credit rating (CIBIL) or poor credit rating. CARD, which is generally known as CARD AGAINST FD.

But in this case you have to make an FI with the mentioned BANK & then you get a credit card in pledge with the FI with up to 80% or something more. You cannot remove this card until you no longer pay the credit card fees.

However, also in this credit card version (SECURE CREDIT CARD) you need a bank in order to open an FD or some kind of bank in your name. You can' do bank-related things without banking. In addition, I found here an article from someone else about PRE-PAID-boards. Of course he is right, because the technical, chargeable and operational behavior of prepaid calling has a credit card mechanic (but does not apply to all prepaid calling cards).

However, prepaid cards have their own restrictions and cannot really use all the possibilities of credit cards. The most important thing is that if you opt for an unsecured (normal) credit card with CIBIL & proof of income or opt for a secured credit card, the transaction that will be made both for the payment and for the due payment will be included in the Credit Union (CIBIL) and will increase your credit limit over time.

Every other shape of card won't help you.

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