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Bridging Finance | Short-term bridge loan specialists, personal loans & hedge fund financing At the core of our businesses are our creative, professional and honest approach. Bridging Finance offers a uniquely comprehensive investment advisory services and is able to provide the right investment for your bridging credit needs. Tailor-made financing for you. Our real estate bridging loans are secure from 100,000 with a ceiling of 100 million pounds.

We take a highly adaptable stance based on our high net worth investor and bridging partner networks that finance the loans with their own funds. What were the benefits of London Bridging Finance for our customers? Bridging loans are our major specialty. Our partner's goals and goals are shared - your triumph is ours.

At the core of our businesses are our creative, professional and honest people. Developed to help you find your bridging credit. Our financing solution is tailored to your situation and our flexible nature allows us to fulfil your needs and demands. Our expertise is based on our creative spirit and industry expertise, supported by our professionality, high quality standard and our own individuality.

Century Capital | Bridge Loans & Financing

At Century Capital we offer quick, responsive and dependable short-term interim financing. Bridging loans are tailored to the customer's needs. We serve a wide variety of customers ranging from individual persons to professionals. We are a long-established lending company and do not make our lending choices on the basis of the customer's financial profiles, but rather on the open-back value of the real estate.

Getting a bridging credit when you buy a home in London.

Unfortunately, proper financing can often be a challenging task when purchasing a home in the city. An bridging credit can provide an excellent way for you to quickly find the cash you need to buy a home so you don't miss it. A lot of real estate purchasers aren't used to bridging loans and don't know how they work, so we want to tell you everything you need to know about using a bridging credit to buy a home in London.

For example, if the real estate is not mortgageable, it does not have working space for the cooker and bath or otherwise requires substantial refurbishment. If you already have a home loan on a home that you cannot or do not want to buy before buying the new home, for example if you find a home to buy but have not yet bought your present home.

Bridge loans can often be arranged within a few working days, can be protected against unpledged ownership and can be taken out by those who already have a mortgages on another one. An bridging credit works very much like a mortgages, but with some substantial variations. Such as a mortgages, bridge financing is usually based on the real estate that you use to buy it, but a bridge credit can also be based on an extra real estate as well so that you lend more or get a better interest on it.

A bridging credit can also be much quicker to arrange than a mortgaging-often within days-and can allow you to lend against properties where the lender would not do so. Bridge financing is generally only provided by retail and lender institutions or by specialised banking affiliates.

As a rule, all of these are available through specialised financial intermediaries. Are you interested in using a bridging credit to buy London real estate? Bridging's highly skilled and specialised Bridge Credit Intermediaries teams have direct contact with all the major credit providers, enabling them to provide you with the most compelling offers on the credit markets. This way you can get the cash you need to buy your London home at an accessible price, quickly and with minimum effort.

Are you looking for a bridging credit to buy a home in London?

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