Property Refurbishment Loans

Real estate restructuring loans

Financing of refurbishments, renovations or conversions. Long-term bridging loans and purchase options for investors. Real Estate Renovation Financing - Loans For UK Home Renovation

Developed to help lessors and real estate developers achieve their objective of modernizing an established home or mixed-use property before it is sold or leased to another entity, real estate refurbishment financing is a form of bridge credit that can be used in a variety of situations. Real estate refurbishment loans can usually be divided into two major groups, depending on the particular nature of the refurbishment work the lender wishes to do.

Loans of this kind are provided for small renovation projects in which the planned use of a property remains essentially the same. A buy-to-let lessor or a property refurbisher, for example, just borrows a small amount of money to finance major repair work and renovation:

When you want to renovate a particular property such as a home or apartment, you can usually lend up to 75% of the final value of a property. No matter what your circumstances or credit needs are, just give us a call and let our committed real estate financing experts help you realise your ambition.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that any property provided as collateral for a real estate appraisal credit is at stake if it is not repaid on schedule.

Financing for the development of building refurbishments

Real estate renovation is the opportunity to modify and enhance a property you already own or a property you want to buy. It may be that the property is extended to a greater area, the use of the property is changed or an obsolete appearance is refreshed. Redevelopment is a necessary part of real estate redevelopment, especially for buy-to-lease portfolio and developer who own many assets.

Which types of real estate can be renovated? Previous clients have used the funding of renovation measures for a number of real estate assets, among them the following: If you are funding your renovation with a promotional credit, you can lend between £10,000 and £5 million. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that understands every part of the remediation and can work with you throughout the entire duration of the remediation in order to deliver your desired outcomes.

When you have a picture of what a property you own should look like, but have difficulty imagining how you want to reach it from a financial point of view, we can help.

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