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Did you decide whether you want a repayment or a pure interest mortgage? Free mortgage advice - key solutions We at Key Solutions believe that everyone should have easy and secure acces to mortgage advisory services, regardless of their personal finances. For this reason, we do not invoice our customers any charges for the procurement and brokerage of their mortgage. What's free? We are here to make things simpler and better for everyone, and we believe we are doing just that by not making charges.

Should you have any queries regarding free mortgage counselling, please contact 0800 138356. Let our fully trained mortgage advisors help you. It' s always great to get good customer satisfaction and we are fortunate to get it again and again.

Time and again, our customers tell us that we are more than just a mortgage broker. For free consultation, call the hotline on 0800 138 5856 for free.

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Our ability to do this is by providing a professionally telephone and e-mail mortgage advisory services. There is also privileged mortgage lending from lenders in the main streets. The mortgage advisory services we offer are backed by many years of practical work. Is there a reason to charge a mortgage advisory commission? There is no brokerage available for mortgage advisory at Go Direct.

Before you hedge other debt against your home, think twice before you take your home out; your home may be taken back if you do not hold repayment on your mortgage. It is a trade of Go Direct UK Ltd, an nominee for Personal Touch Financial Services Ltd who is authorized and governed by the Financial Services Authority.

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When we take a leap back into the past, in the not so remote past of 2009, we will find ourselves at a period when there were shockingly 50,000 home owners repossessed! Ever since, there has been growing pressures on bankers, home loan and savings associations and creditors to show some leniency to those who are experiencing difficulties financially.

That was an important element in making sure that 2016 had the smallest number of repossessions of home ownership since 1982! Creditors were encouraged by regulatory authorities to look for evidence that creditors were having to struggle and then quickly take steps to solve the issue before they got out of control.

The number of defaulting mortgage creditors thus also fell in 2016. Low interest levels have also resulted in lower-priced mortgage loans. It' interesting to see that many have now sought to re-mortgage their homes to take full benefit of low interest levels and imprison them before the Bank of England decided to raise interest again.

However, there is still much to be hoped that even if interest levels increase and other conditions arise that can put a mortgage lender in a difficult position, it is still the responsibility of the lender to try to support the lender to prevent repossession wherever possible.

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