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Cash-express payday loans

Repeal of the long-standing OCC approval order could be a sign of an improved environment for banking twinning. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) concluded a long-term injunction against the payday creditor ACE Cash Express, Inc. on 14 February. According to the provisions of the Regulation, which has been in force since 2002, ACE Cash was forbidden "to enter into any arrangement, whether in writing or orally, for the provision of any service, whether payday or otherwise, to any SNB or its subsidiary, without the OCC's consent".

We believe, however, that this could mean a positive stance on the part of the Confederation towards the credit relations of the "banking model". ACE Cash acquired a 90-95 per cent stake in Goleta National Bank's payday debt under the conditions of the parties' framework credit agreements and carried out merchandising, service and collection operations under the leadership of Goleta.

In 2002 the mandate did not deal with the parties' credit programme for banking partnerships, with the exception of the equivocal assertion that'the auditor has significant political concern about programmes of this kind', which could be understood as a confrontation with the way the programme was run compared to its kind. The ACE Cash continues to be governed by a corresponding CFPB approval order which does not prevent the Company from entering into contracts with domestic banking or other credit institution to provide credit-related services.

Annulment of the OCC approval decision against ACE Cash must be seen against the background of a number of paragraphs in which the auditor of the currency, Joseph Otting, has a keen interest in the central bank increasing small loans to customers, particularly those who are financially vulnerable. Under prudent management in accordance with the security and sound financial standing policies set out in OCC Bulletin 2013-29 (Risk Management - Third Party Relationships), credit relations between domestic and non domestic institutions provide an effective means for domestic institutions to achieve a larger pooled of prospective borrower.

OCC's approach should not be construed as signalling a more liberal attitude towards the kind of security and solidity failure in which ACE Cash allegedly participated.

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