How do I get my Credit Rating

What is my credit rating?

But in the UK, credit ratings are shrouded in myth. - There will remain on your credit report for two years. To print the Annual Report, please contact Equiniti:. Here you will find our current annual report and annual financial statements.

My credit rating was wrecked by a Wonga loan. Money.

A Wonga credit was paid off, but it was spent as an insecure failure by Experian, and ever since I had a frightening credit rating. Sign up now and get unrestricted Internet connectivity and our smart phone and tab applications, free for the first months. Download the International Pack for free for the first 30 trading day for unrestricted smart-phone and tab phone use.


In order to guarantee this, President Xi Jinping's faction is creating a forth "magic weapon". This includes the system of welfare credit, but the "weapon" goes far beyond it. However, it will have a greater impact on China's societies and humans - and this is already the case - than any other reforms or developments initiated by the political group.

It has always been in the interest of the People' s Republic of China to keep records of its people. It included everything: marriages, positions, jobs. Here we find information from the soft credit system, which is like a finance credit rating, but much more broad. Lastly, there is the information of the "network system" which splits towns into small packages managed by individuals who are remunerated for reporting abnormal activities to the policemen.

Already in 2000, the Golden Shield program was designed to network information about all of China's people. However, it should go further by forecasting who could cause difficulties for the régime, by pre-empting the organization of all activities considered harmful to the régime, and by restricting the liberty and conduct of any suspicious individual, for example by depriving him of the opportunity to refuel a vehicle with gasoline or even to launch his motor in the near term.

There is a greater danger that all this will undermine the confidence between man and political group. Even members of the political parties may be dissatisfied with what is written about them. Novel technologies are neither good nor evil by nature: everything is dependent on use and caution. One fourth of humanity will divide its futures in every detail with Xi's group.

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