How to get Credit Card Offers

This is how you receive credit card offers

Do you have an HSBC or FirstDirect card? Now you can get cash back on Boots, Esso and more. At First Direct, we are the newest offering cash back incentive banks when you use your credit or debit card at select merchants - just one months after HSBC's affiliate has introduced an equivalent system. The two cash back programs, introduced in collaboration with Visa, provide clients who subscribe to customized offers at retail outlets such as Boots, H&M, Lidl and Esso.

However, while it's rewarding to register for the programs if you're already an HSBC or First Direct client and will be spending at retail stores, you don't see the incentive as a motive for changing your banking area. Others are already offering similar cash back systems, such as Halifax, Lloyds, Nationwide and Santander.

Find the best offers for you in our Best Practice Guide for Banking Accounts, Cash Back Credit Card and Credit Card Awards. First Direct and HSBC Visa debt and credit card accounts are allowed to participate in the programs. Both banks allow you to enroll up to five tickets to receive cash back. Currently, First Direct sends e-mail invites, but anyone who is authorized can log in now.

Since 25 July, HSBC clients have been able to do so. On the First Direct Visa Offers or HSBC Visa Offers page, click'Register now' and type in your e-mail adress. Set up an affiliate by entering your card number, a new passphrase and your area. When you are a client of both bank, you must log into each bank to get back with both money.

And if you want to have more than one card, you can do this in the "My Account" section after logging in. Why can I make cash-back? After registering, you can check the available cash back offers under Visa offers online. As First Direct says, its offers are currently "general" as the program is new, but in due course you will likely be approached with special offers tailored to your buying patterns.

Offers are refunded on a per cent basis in a transaction or at a set amount. As we tried it, it contained offers for First Direct and HSBC customers: The majority of the offers - as well as the ones mentioned above - can only be used once, although the GTCs will inform you if this changes.

Where can I get my cash back? In order to use a cash-back service, you must "activate" it. Display offers on-line. If you have seen it in your Visa Quote Profile it will be enabled even if you have not yet checked the entire store to verify the terms and conditions. Receive the offers in an e-mail.

When you sign up for e-mail update, you will receive a summary of some of your available offers by e-mail each week. Offers presented will be enabled automaticly even if you do not open the e-mail. As soon as an offering is enabled, you will receive it when you use your card in a department Store or on a retailer's website.

The refund will then be added to your card balance and should be made within five business days of purchase. I am not a First Direct or HSBC client - is it a good idea to change to both? Whilst these cash back incentive offers are a neat little something special and it' s a good idea to sign up if you are already a HSBC or First Direct client, you don't see them as a good enough excuse to change banks or credit cards.

With our premium cash-back card, you can make cash back on anything you buy - up to 5% in the first three month and up to 1.25% thereafter, based on how you buy. In order to have a First Credit or a debit card, you must have your first bankroll.

It' s not a good idea to go to this one for the new cash back programme, but First Direct is one of our top pay backers, which we can go to anyway as it offers 100 switches, an associated 5% periodic depositor and has won every survey in client services we have done. While HSBC has several checking accounts that offer Visa credit card services, the only ones that make it into our best purchases are the Student Account and the Premier Account - again, it's probably not a good idea to change to both just for the new cash back program.

What accounts are best for you will depend on what you are looking for. Full First DIRECT information and other bank accounts with exchange incentive or interest of up to 5% on small deposits can be found in our Best Bank Accounts Guides. Visa credit card can also be used to get money back with First Credit and HSBC.

However, neither of them offers tickets that make it to our best purchases, and they are not really valuable to be purchased just for the available cash back. What other cash-back service do your bank have? Related banking alternatives offered by other cash-back providers to select retail outlets include: Detailed information on all our top picking and other account types that provide acceptance giro cash back or other rewards systems can be found in our Best Bank Account Practices Manual.

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