How to Refinance Mortgage

Re-financing a mortgage

Learn how to refinance or obtain a new mortgage on a London property for a British expat who lives in Singapore. There have been reports that there are over 3 million UK expatriates abroad and over 49,000 in Singapore. Residential is showing signs of strength, having grown by almost 3% last year, which could make it an appealing choice for UK expatriates. UK expatriates residing in Singapore may want to take full benefit of the UK residential real estate markets, but one of the biggest issues when purchasing real estate or funding is to secure the right mortgage.

Singapore resident Britons may wish to buy a home for their families or refinance an already owned home in London. UK expatriates can turn to UK expatriates as a first point of contact to obtain the financing they need. It cannot, however, be the best option to request real estate financing from a conventional creditor.

We have a small number of incumbent creditors who are offering mortgage service to UK expatriates. Traditionally, those bank offering housing loans to expatriates do not fully satisfy an expat's needs; in general, the vast majority of the loans available to expatriates do not exactly mirror the expat's capacity to pay a mortgage.

The reason for this is that most bankers are not used to provide a services to expatriates and usually do not have the technical knowledge to meet the needs of expatriates. Moreover, the main streets are reluctant to provide financing to a UK ex-pat as there is no current loan record in the UK.

As a rule, the demands of specialized creditors on foreign home mortgage loans are much less strict than the standards of conventional creditors. An experienced brokers, such as Clifton Private Finance, will be able to give you a clear idea of the available mortgage options and will be sure to find the best financing for you. As of 2017, the Bank of England's Prudential Regulatory Authority made changes to the Buy to Let Regulation, forcing creditors to change the way they consider requests to purchase in order to rent mortgage loans.

Creditors will now demand that UK expatriates can pay back their mortgage if interest levels rise to 5.5%. When a UK expat has a real estate that is not lucrative, the lender will not supply the financing the exporter needs. Loan eligibility requirements for expatriate buy to let loans are more lenient than for conventional creditors, as they examine UK expat requests on an individual basis.

However, some creditors may ask for a 25% down payment to be eligible for a purchase to rent a mortgage as an expatriate, but this will depend on the creditor and the expatriate's individual situation. Clienton Privat Finance assists UK expatriates in refinancing or finding mortgage loans for commercial and residential property to rent property in London on a frequent and frequent rental contract.

Singapore expatriate needed a credit to buy an £1.6 million Bath real estate asset. Clients were able to secure financing from a privately owned financing house specialising in expatriate financing. You were willing to lend the full 1. 23 million the expat needed, on an interest base only for five years.

Further negotiations provided the expatriate with an interest payment of 0.5% after two years, which allowed an annual debt repayment of 20%. This allowed the expatriate to advance his acquisition while minimizing interest on his loans and maximizing his ROI.

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