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With our app you can immediately open a British checking account without a British address. Information on online cashier deposits and withdrawals. My credit/debit card deposit was declined, but my account was debited anyway.

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We strive to make online choices for requests filed between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday - Saturday and 8:00 am and 9:00 pm on Sunday. In the event that we are not able to make an immediate determination or your request is made outside these hours, we will endeavour to notify you within one business working days.

No online job offers are available between 19:00 and 19:15. Have you already launched an app? Should you not be sure what your access data is, or for any reasons you cannot go online, please call us at 0800 678 3380. No online job offers are available between 19:00 and 19:15.

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Do you need a Giffgaff recharge or a credit for your Giffgaff online? Our user-friendly online trading system allows you to top up your Giffgaff balance at any hour of the morning or evening. You can charge your cell phones on the go with us! Some of the best ways to recharge your Giffgaff telephone.

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Online Withdrawal Methods - Politique de retrait

How do I request a withdrawal ? Clicker sur le bouton "Retrait" dans la devise dans laquelle vous souhaitez retirer des fonds et entrer le montant que vous souhaitez retirer. If you now click on "Confirm", another window will open with information on how your withdrawal will be processed. You can also log into your account via our website (where available).

The payout options depend on where you live. Please note that there may be restrictions due to our payout policy. Why do I have to specify my place of birth and nationality ? Why can't I choose where to send my credit ? If possible, tous les retraits seront d'abord retournés à la même méthode de paiement que vous avez utilisé pour déposer.

For each deposit option, withdrawals will always be offset against your oldest deposit first, and your most recent deposit last. For more information on our Cash Out Policy, please see our Cash Out Policy. Why can't I send my withdrawal order ? Some payment methods have a forced payout delay of 48 hours from the player's last deposit.

What are my withdrawal limits ? The minimum payout amount varies by payment provider and is displayed in the Cashier area under the appropriate option. The minimum payout amount varies by payment provider and is displayed in the Cashier area under the appropriate option. For detailed information, please contact us via email. What are the exchange rates for my withdrawals ? Pour la page Modalités des opérations en monnaie réelle et de la conversion de devises, voir la page Modalités et conditions pour plus d'informations.

Why can't I see the payout option I last used last ? Biennale : nous enregistrons toutes les transactions, mais les paiements de plus de 12 mois sont archivés dans une base de données distincte. This means that your deposit history will show payment methods from the last twelve months. If the payment method you wish to use is no longer available in your cashier window (provided the option can be used for withdrawals), you will need to make another deposit using this option in order in order for your withdrawal to be processed there.

How often can I withdraw credit ? Only one withdrawal (requested but not yet processed) per payment method at a time is possible. In addition, depending on the payment option, you may only request a limited number of withdrawals within 24 hours. Ces limits seront affichées sur le côté droit de la fenêtre après que vous ayez sélectionné le mode de paiement.

I have a new Visa card. How can I make a withdrawal on this card ? If you make a withdrawal request and are entitled to receive funds via Visa, you will not be able to choose which Visa card your funds will be credited to. The Visa card displayed is the last card (not expired and CFT-enabled) with which you made a deposit with us.

If you wish to reserve on another Visa card, please contact Security for further assistance. For more information on your Visa withdrawals, please see our Withdrawal Policy. How time does it take to process my withdrawal ? Cashouts à MuchBetter, NETELLER, Skrill et PayPal supérieur au montant total du dépôt sera traité dans les 72 heures.

Withdrawals to CFT-enabled VISA cards are forwarded for processing within 72 hours. Calculate 3-10 jours ouvrables à partir du moment où votre paiement est traité jusqu'à ce que le crédit apparaisse sur votre relevé de compte. Les Withdrawals à WebMoney sont traités dans les 72 heures. Bank transfer withdrawals are forwarded for processing within 72 hours.

It may take 3 to 5 business days for the funds to reach your bank account. Wire transfer withdrawals are forwarded for processing within 72 hours. It may take 2 to 5 business days for the funds to be credited to the bank account you specify. For more information, please refer to our Cash Out Policy.

Can I cancel my withdrawal ? As long as long as your withdrawal order has not yet been processed, you can cancel it in the checkout area. If you wish to cancel any of the withdrawals, placez un crochet en face de "Cancel" et cliquez sur "Cancel Selected Deposits". If this is not possible, your withdrawal request may be currently being reviewed by our security department.

This is a routine process that normally does not take longer than a few hours. I didn't receive my payout. Please first make sure that the time within which the withdrawal should be displayed on your bank statement has elapsed (see above). On this case, please contact support with all relevant information, such as account history or statements of your payment method, which prove the non received payment.

The payment option to which my withdrawal was sent to is blocked/expired. If you have a new or an existing card or a new or an existing account with the same institution, the balance could be credited to that institution. Please contact your financial institution directly on this matter. If your bank confirms that your funds have not been forwarded or you do not have another card or account with that bank, please contact support. Please.

Why is the amount I can withdraw lower than my total balance ? Your total balance includes amounts from (bonus) promotions whose free play requirements you have not yet fulfilled (please refer to the conditions of participation for the relevant promotion). You have made a deposit that has not yet been cleared (according to the terms of the deposit method used).

Credits récemment déposés ou transférés d'un autre compte account have not been sufficiently invested in the game to qualify for a withdrawal. For more information, please read our Payout Policy or contact support.

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