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Find out more about Bank of America's Jumbo mortgage loans. THEY MONEY-Why do today's homeowners have huge mortgage-sized dreams. Sure.

So when Mohammad Taghavian began looking for a new home four years ago, he knew exactly where he wanted to be. However, the residential real estate markets have not been so co-operative. Dayhavian, a 47-year-old engineering graduate, leapt on every piece of real estate that came on the scene just to find out that whatever he was offering, he was "displaced by a bar offer," he says.

Dayhavian kept increasing his bid from $600,000 to over a million. This brought him into Jumbo subprime area - over $625,500 in his part of the land and over $417,000 in cheaper areas. Last year, when a $1.4 million city house came onto the shelves, Taghavian caught it. 2014 is already a year of banners for shoppers like Taghavian who look at luxurious real estate that needs jumbo loans, according to sector analysts.

Jumbo mortgage rates that are used to rise above traditional mortgage rates because they are deemed more risky. However, interest rates on the jumbo have fallen due to prevailing market sentiment and are now close to the level of traditional mortgage rates - or sometimes even lower. Moreover, the new federal rules that came into force in January do not hold for jumpers and make them more adaptable for shoppers who want things like pure interest rate borrowing or have a high net value but complex finance.

According to Harvey Grossberg, member of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals, this factor-to factor convergence helps move along the path of residential property rally. Jumbo mortgage loans are so tempting that they tempt homeowners to consider "pull-back" buying, which in turn releases inventories at the lower end of the mortgage-rate.

"It was just a great position in which you had a low interest rate and a revaluation combination," says Grossberg. Typically, the difference between a jumbo and a traditional mortgagor is a fourth of a point or less versus half a point or more in 2010. Grossberg, for example, who arranges loans in the Orange County area of California, recently closed two refinancing deals for a customer who had a primary home and a vacation home, one a Jumbo now at 4. 75 per cent and the other a traditional at 4. 5 per cent.

Indeed, in some cases, the interest rates turn around and jumbo mortgage rates are actually lower, dependent on the borrower's rating and the length of the loan. Till recently the banks kept jumbo mortgage bonds in their balances instead of reselling them on a aftermarket. According to Tom Wind, EverBank Financial Corp's senior VP of Home Loan, who received $800 million in jumbo loan in the 4th fiscal three months of 2013, this is because Jumbo mortgage companies keep jumbo mortgage bonds on their books instead of sell them in a collateral store.

At low interest rates, a bank attracts a buyer with a discount of one eight of a point or more. Although purchasers may have enough money, it may make good business sense to buy a house with a jumbo hypothec. Denise Andres, an realtor for ERA Landmark in Bozeman, Montana, had a client who recently scaled down from a $3 million property to a $1. 2 million one, and got a giant mortgage to a 4. 125 per cent on the buy instead of having to pay all the money.

"He thought, with the profits on the exchange, why would I want to buy all the currency when I can get 30-year-old low money?" she says. Would you like an interest only loan? Interested in making a deposit of less than 20 per cent? You' gonna want to make Jumbo.

With the new qualifying mortgages legislation that was introduced as part of the Dodd Frank fiscal reform, there is a need for rigorous leverage and loan-to-value ratios designed to control how much mortgages you can afford and how much you have to lay down. This and other rigorous subscription regimes help safeguard traditional mortgagors and allow them to call bank ers to account when there is a problem.

The Jumbos do not have the same safeguards and the regulations are at the credit institution's own judgement. Underwriting is still difficult because of the large credit exposure, but banking can be more agile with their offers, says Joe Rogers, senior VP for Wells Fargo Home Mortgages, one of the biggest jumbo financiers in the United States.

It is particularly useful for customers who may have a low or low W-2 earnings relative to their total net assets, says Rhonda Hummel, the Senior Loan Office at First Capital Mortgage, Newport Beach, California. Mohammad Taghavian first hindered this inflexibility - then help. A further provision Taghavian supported was an "exclusion from residence", which means he could lease his current home and deduct 70 per cent of that revenue from his earnings.

Otherwise, he would have had to resell the real estate purchased at the height of the real estate boom, a time-consuming task that would not have brought him the return he was looking for.

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