Mortgage Broker for Dummies

Hypothekenmakler for Dummies

Keys that you should ask your lender/consultant about your new mortgage. Ensure that you fully comprehend the full spectrum of available mortgage types. - Also, make sure you fully comprehend the full spectrum of available mortgage types. They should be informed about principal and interest rate and pure interest rate mortgage loans as well as about the different forms of redemption such as life insurance, PEP's, ISA's and repos.

How high is the interest charge I am billed and for how long does this charge work? - You may sound familiar, but you should make sure that you comprehend how long the original interest will be applicable. At the end of the first Anreizsatzperiode, what happens?

  • Should the interest offered be below the lender's standard floating interest then you should make sure that you know what will occur when this interest expires. Which is the standard floating interest rates of the creditors? What are my rebates at the incentives and at the regular rates?

Keep in mind that no matter how inexpensive the mortgage is at first, you have to repay the mortgage at the regular interest rates, so make sure you can buy the mortgage when this happens. Also, keep in mind that the base rates can be higher in two or three years, so make sure you retain some degree of agility.

What are the sanctions for early repayment of the mortgage? When there are no fines after the introductory stimulus phase, you are free to postpone your mortgage at the end of that phase, so I can use other available stimuli. At the end of the starting term, if you are committed to the creditor, you probably have no option but to pay the regular floating interest rat.

Do I have to do a mortgage compensation bonus and if so, how much will that be? In the past, mortgage settlement bonuses were levied whenever a mortgage exceeded 75% of the value of the real estate. Now, however, many creditors have increased the value thresholds to 90%, so there can be very large gaps from one creditor to another.

Will there be a handling charge to be paid and if so, will I get it back if my request does not continue? In case the charge is to be paid in advance, ask if it will be reimbursed if the request is not continued. However, some creditors keep the charge even if they reject your job offer, so make sure you fully grasp the issue from the start.

Can the mortgage be transferred to another real estate if I choose to move? Can I make installments or raise my mortgage payments each month if I want to pay back the mortgage early? Are you advising mortgage product from the entire mortgage lending industry or just a small sample of them?

That is not necessarily the case, and the advisor can assume the role of an authorised representative of a creditor or broker a mortgage from a choice of privileged creditors.

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