Mortgage Loan Servicing

Loan management for mortgages

Offering comprehensive credit servicing for more consumer and commercial credit products than any other UK service provider, we give you the flexibility to diversify your portfolio and expand your product range. Commercial Mortgage Loan Servicing Analyst supports a variety of mortgage loan service functions to support our investor clients. Mortgages and Loans - UK Loan Servicing Company (UK)

Offering a full credit and mortgage service for more consumers and higher value credit than any other UK provider, we give you the freedom to broaden your diversified portfolios and broaden your family. Whilst you concentrate on your main business, we offer extensive credit servicing to assist you throughout the entire credit life cycle, from lending to bank accounts to debtor creditors.

Well, our seasoned credit support staff will: Providing detailed analytics and meaningful managerial information that enables you to make better business choices and enhance the value of your assets. We support our credit service with our own credit application. Our dedicated service group will work with you to maximize the return on your distressed assets.

Our company has considerable expertise in the administration of non-performing mortgage and credit book balances. Our service offering includes a full range of client communication, treasury functions, losses reduction, collection and investment reports, as evidenced by our Standard & Poor's Special Servicer Ratings. To maximize returns, our debtor collection teams use market-leading collection procedures.

Each of our seniors has an average of 25 years of experience in providing specialist services. Adapting, refining and testing your strategy to enhance the overall investment return of your investment portfolios. We focus our efforts on promoting good behavior and rehabilitation of backward clients. With our stand-by service paradigm, you get a resilient, dependable contingency service delivery paradigm with a clear call schedule.

For several large big credit institutes we are active as a stand-by service provider.

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The loan servicing comprises the management of a loan from the point at which the revenue is distributed to the point at which the loan is repaid. Credit services include mailing and collection of montly settlement accounts and montly amounts, keeping record of amounts and balance, collection and settlement of tax and insurances (and management of trust and pledge funds), transfer of monies to the bondholder and tracking of arrears.

As a rule, loan servicing is performed by the credit or loan originator banks, a non-bank unit specialising in loan servicing or a sub-servicer acting as a third-party seller for the credit or loan originator.

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