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This is simply about repayment and pure interest mortgages. This will vary as interest rates change over time. The mortgage broker Deal Direct discourages the use of low interest rates.

Several mortgage companies reacted to this by checking their offer, pulling out some mortgage offerings and raising interest rates for the rest. Others hold tight and even cut a few percent off their interest rates. However, it seemed that most people accepted it as unavoidable that interest rates would increase overall in 2018.

That may be the case, but Deal Direct would recommend not to bet on low interest rates.

Rising interest rates: Borrower confronted with higher mortgage charges are asked to fix them.

The Bank of England's interest rates have risen today from 0.5% to 0.75%, and many borrower s have scheduled their mortgage loans in advance, so the effect will not immediately be felt. BSA points out that an increment of 0.25% on a 100,000 pound mortgage with a £13 per annum payback is not possible and that 66% of all mortgage balance due is based on interest rates.

Yet mortgage brokerage firms urge those on default interest rates (SVRs) to think about changing to a fixed interest rate to help slice their month mortgage bill. L&C Mortgages mortgage analyst David Hollingworth adds: "Although many borrower seem to have been looking ahead and trying to fix their mortgage rates, those who have done nothing so far can eventually be induced to review their state.

The ones most susceptible to interest increases will be borrower on the SVR of their lenders. Hegarty, CEO of Habito, the online mortgage broker, agrees: As a result, your returns remain the same for two, three, five or more years, so you won't lose sight of your exchange rates in the event of changes in the market. The Shaun Church, head of mortgage brokerage firm Privat Finance, also forecasts that there will be more hunger for longer periods of fixation.

"It is likely that longer-term fixed-rate mortgages will gain momentum if borrower seeking fiscal stability," he says. Intrinsic mortgage manager Gemma Harle, part of the asset manager Quilter, points out the effects of the 0.25% increase on the buyers of her first home. Creditors undertake to support "mortgage prisoners".

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