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Donny & Marie was here for a Christmas show in December 2013 and I was thrilled to take the front row stand. I didn't know that these chairs were far away from the platform and the visibility was blocked. {\pos (192,210)}I went to the A. C. last night to see Jay-Z for a gig.

While Jay was fantastic, he played fantastic, my nights were marred by safety and rental cops screaming at us for every little thing. At first they left all disabled persons behind, then they shouted at us not to be standing. When I' ve spent all that cash on a show, I'm gonna be standing and dancing.

There is nothing I have against disabled persons, but they should give them their own section. Didn't say that they could still see & safety was still yelling at us. Perhaps they will let brain growth and have an area for disabled persons that offers a great place for everyone.

A large group of us attended the meeting and the Cavs organisation took great interest in us. for the Scott Hamilton Cares Show. The disabled car park was fully booked, but the accompanying persons found a narrow place for us. Chairs were comfy and drink racks were valued.

Were you speeding up the credit arena?

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Billion-dollar investment Warren Buffett just made March Madness a little angrier by betting $1 billion of his own cash against anyone who chose the right cradle. It came about when Quicken Loans was paying Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway to assure a $1 billion price for anyone who can properly predict all 63 matches in the 2014 NCAA Series.

Quicken in turn will receive e-mail accounts and personally identifiable information from the 10 million individuals who fill out a parenthesis. Like everyone who has completed a console knows, it is incredibly hard to find enough matches to win your 8- or 10-strong officepool - let alone any Florida Gulf Coast against the annoyance of Georgetown style.

However, it is definitely a good idea to take part in this brackets competition, as the winning player stands in a row for his selection of 40 per year instalments of $25 million or a flat rate of $500 million. Quicken's Quicken Chairman and CEO, Jay Farner, debated the purpose behind the competition by saying the following to the LA Times:

We have seen many competitions where $1 million was offered to put together a good mount, making us think: "What is the value of the one? The competition with the opportunity to create a milliardaire definitely suits this law. Monetary amount that Buffet and his firm will receive to assure this competition was not made known.

However, if he's willing to secure a $1 billion award for the winners, the chances of getting a win must be quite low, right? His firm certainly did the mathematics before supporting the $1 billion price Quicken Loans offers. In order to get your chances to select the 2014 NCAA round to perfection, you would have to multiplied 2 with yourself 63x.

Then Bergen showed that the chances of profit are not even in the billion or trillion, but in the quintile ions! As Bergen took in 2 x 63 squares, he came to the following chances to fill out the March Madness brace perfect: Bergen's calculation is that a well-informed NCAA jockey would increase his chances of completing a clean brace to 1 in 128,000,000,000,000,000,000.

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