Mortgage information for first Time Buyers

Information on mortgages for first-time buyers

First-time buyer - first steps All you need to know when you buy your first home. Gathering on the Property ladder can be a big step for anyone to do. To obtain a mortgage, you need a down payment. It can sometimes be difficult to save so much cash to put it on a real estate. Real estate values sometimes drop.

There is a danger of loosing your home if you cannot maintain your payment schedule. Helping to purchase an equitymarlehen can add cash to the security you want to use for a new home. When you have a 5% deposits, you can use the Help to Buy Equities plan to lend up to 20% (or 40% in Greater London) in addition to your new home.

You can then request a national mortgage of up to 75% (or 55% for Greater London). Thereafter, you must make a one-month interest payment in addition to your mortgage repayments. Selling your real estate also means paying back the amount of your remaining home loans.

and a Save to Buy mortgage from Nationwide. Learn more about Save to Buy Mortgage. It is a program of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) intended to help members of the military regulars on the site leader. Entitled, the Ministry of Defence will loan you up to 50% of your wage (maximum 25,000) to make a down payment on your first home.

Our mortgage elements work as usual, so you can select from our full-line. Coowners (sometimes referred to as economic co-owners) have the same right to all assets and title passes to the other owner upon their death. It is not possible to transfer your title to the real estate in your will.

That means that you own your new house and part of its value together - ownership does not transfer to the other homeowners spontaneously when you are dying. In your will, you can transfer your interest in the real estate. Parents or members of their families can help find money for a bail.

Hypothecaries are backed on your house.

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