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It was a little too late-breaking to this PPI material and didn't realize mortgage PPI was useful. I took out a mortgage in 2000 with Abbey for £89k as a first purchaser, this was in the good olden days when you were sitting with a consultant in the store. I was a single professional at the bonanza for just over a year before I took out the mortgage.

My mortgage adviser was worried about my temporary trade and at that point I had to receive a written confirmation from my customer stating my contractual data such as length, interest rates, etc. In particular, the consultant insisted that I take out the mortgage PPI to protect myself against disease and joblessness. She said that without her, the treatment would collapse. I recall that I reasoned that I did not need it at that point, but she said it would.

I just wrote to Santander and they came back and said that I was hired back then, which was what it was doing on some documentation from 2003, so I fixed it up. Also, I provided the note I had from my customer at that point to show that I was independent.

In my first grievance I also explained that I had an ISA of £3500 which would have obscured me if I had not been able to work what they said would not be useful to me as these produce have punishments (beg to differ but hey). Supposedly, I went through all my account statements  and saveings and tested to them that I had about £17.5k of easily available currency (outside ISA) and that was the reason why I didn't need the PPI at the time. What is more, I was able to get the PPI to be used for the first few days.

You are still considering my last answer, but assume that you will not comply with the appeal I made, considering the deadlines associated with whether a appeal now addressed to the FoS would be time-barred under the 6 or 3 year rules?

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