Mortgage with Money for Renovations

A mortgage with money for renovations

Then I can talk to the mortgage advisor and see what options we have. What's better is to raise renovation money: What's better is to raise renovations money: Overpay a mortgage and then take out a mortgage or save money? £187300 over 25 years at 3.09% (£815 a month). I' d like to disburse this early, within 17-20 years, so I consider overpayment by 150 a month, while putting aside 285 pounds in the mortgage bank as continuity in the event of joblessness.

I' m also storing 150 in a stock and ISA stock for a fixed annuity pension/augthers wedding/career break/car and other lifetime mishaps.

I' m also saving 240 pounds in a stakeholders annuity for my wife and me. What I'm not saving is home renovations i.e. rewiring, showers, new kitchen & lounge etc... I am planning to retire twice every 5 years between 10k & 20k each and every 20k to pay for the renovations while still paying the mortgage over.

This is the most efficient way to get paid for the home improvements or should I not be overpaying the mortgage and saving this money. REVIEW This comments has been posted. I also regularly make separate saving with my ISA in an mutual fund. Are you sure it's safer to invest all my life saving with one mutual fund, or should I distribute the risks between different mutuals?

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