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Simply login to your account, go to 'Settings' and then click on the big red button 'Delete my account'. After successfully completing my IVA, what happens? How can I get a FREE copy of my credit report? Don't be - it's easy to get your credit rating for free. How do I access my report?

Is your ira completed? This is our guideline for cleansing your credit file.

The IVA allows you to re-negotiate the conditions of your agreements with your lenders. When you have unfunded debt with a number of lenders that you cannot afford, this is an option to go bankrupt formally. IVA ( Individual Voluntary Arrangement) allows you to administer your debt with a facility that gives your lenders cash over a normal 60 month term.

For those facing an increase in indebtedness, a Public Default Reduction Scheme (DMP) is a sustainable option to an individual voluntary agreement. DMPs allow an individual to convert repayment of his or her outstanding balance into an unofficial repayment schedule. When you are living in Scotland and fighting to pay off your loans, you may consider signing a trust instrument with your lenders.

An escrow instrument is an alternate to insolvency and is a formally agreed arrangement between you and your lenders whereby you consent to make each and every monthly reasonable settlement for a set term - usually 3 years - in return for your lenders declaring their willingness to amortize the amount due at the end of the 3 year term.

Consultation is always free of cost and we only invoice if we act on your name. Charges for IVA's, bankruptcy and other service charges are different, so please check our charging schedule to see how we work. Since 2002, we have been working as a network of bankruptcy administrators, who are passionately committed to solving problems with your liabilities.

Having debts is a frightening and disturbing period for many to have. Here to help you "recover" from your debts, we are always glad to speak with you free of charge about how we can help you.

Loan file explains | Delayed payment and standard help

Here are some useful information about how we use credit databases and what to do if you ever have trouble paying your invoices. Customers' information stored by these three credit bureaus is used: It will then be deleted from your credit file after that. Delayed payments are indicated when an invoice is overdue.

When it is two month too late, it will be displayed as'2', three month too late as' 3' and so on. Delay occurs when your invoice is delayed for six consecutive month. You can call them at 150 free of charge from your EE telephone or 07973 100 150 from any other telephone (fees may apply).

You have four options for retrieving something that appears in your credit file: Chats with us: e-mail us: via a credit bureau: mail a to: via a credit bureau: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: e-mail us: fax our letter: Can I get an answer to my credit file request quickly? Can I get an answer to my credit file request quickly?

Provided a live web consultant is available, you can get an instant answer. It is our goal to answer e-mail enquiries within 48hrs, but processing by mail may take a little longer. Remember that when you make a request through a credit bureau, all agents have 28 working day to reply.

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