Need a Bridge Loan

Do you need a bridging loan?

Bridge Loan Advice, Alternatives to Bridging - KIS Finance KIS Financial offers free bridge loan advisory services on bridge loan and alternate financing options to help you get the best possible offer. Even though short-term financial needs are often covered by the use of financial institutions such as current account credits and debit card lines, there are periods when large amounts are needed for only a brief while.

Bridge Credits are special financing arrangements that make short-term credit available (typically over 25,000) for a brief duration (between 1 and 12 months). When it comes to credit bridge, the important factor or main sales argument is that they are: Fast to set up - perfect when it comes to getting a good deal.

As bridge credits are not to be used as long-term funding, it is very important to have a sound exits policy in place to pay back any bridge loan at or before the end of its life. The reason for this is that bridge credits usually have a high interest payment per month, which makes them costly when used for anything other than short-term financing.

Furthermore, many bridge loan providers levy extra charges, such as extension charges, if you exceed the arranged bridge loan period. A further alternative used as an exits policy is funding, which is usually used when the bridge loan is taken out to fund refurbishments, renovations, other construction work and new development.

When you plan to repay your bridge loan through funding, it is very important to make sure that you can obtain the necessary funding facilities. Keep in mind that since the crisis, loan approval requirements have been less lenient as creditors have finite resources and are therefore more selective. However, the risk of a crisis in the financial markets has increased. Occasionally only bridge credits are taken out to allow the buying of an absolutely good deal, which is then resold for a fast turn.

Under these conditions, make sure that you are sure that the good deal is exactly that, and if it does not sells at a good price, make sure that you have alternate means that you can use to pay back the overdraft. Also, if the good deal is ownership, recall that many major creditors have the 6-month period usually (or even 12 with some creditors ), which means that they will not allocate resources to buy a home if it has not been held by the actual landlord for at least 6 consecutive years.

When taking up a cheap asset real estate, resources can quickly be needed to induce the investor to use a bridge loan to back the sale, which is then usually funded 6 month later through a sale to lease a mortgages. However, it is possible to buy an asset with a Buy to Let mortgages within just 2 week!

Assets can be refinanced quickly and invoicing can be carried out quickly, providing a more cost-effective option to interim financing. When your offer is the winner, you will normally have to make a 10% down payment on that date and normally settle the remaining amount within 28 workingdays, although this can sometimes only take 14 workdays.

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