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Learn more about using your Halifax credit card, paying online and managing your card with us. Online credit application | Business Credit Form - Integrated Receivables

Available as a software-as-a-service, online credit appliance, a cloud-based approach is simple and cost-effective to provision and service and can be deployed within a few business hours. An online applications platform that is fully customizable, scans for missing information and provides a fully conformant electronic subscription, making it easier for clients to request credit.

Eventually, a browseable documents repository keeps your apps organized and easily accessible for regular checks or in case of dispute. This results in a lean business model that maximizes revenue by speeding up lending. Selfservice online job applicant guide leads candidates through the job interview procedure and gathers and validates all necessary input and subsidiary documents (state exempt documents, balance sheets, etc.).

And, the cooperative reviews work flow automates the routing of approvals requests to standardize auditing procedures and allow cross-functional cooperation between distribution, credit, and support groups while delivering a complete auditing trace. Loan aggregate automatic collection of credit report from major credit rating companies (D&B, Experian, etc.) and finance services websites (Google, Yahoo, etc.) with a rugged search engines.

Automating your communications will automate the process of communicating your decision with your clients and distribution partners, and will also automate the process of finding the necessary accompanying documents. The digital signage allows the customer to digitally mark the app with the mousepad in a form that has stood the test of time in the courts. E-storing and querying enables simple searching and querying of credit data from a shared database.

Shorten the cycles for integrating customers by 90%. Minimize mistakes in entering information and uncompleted credit requests. Free 20% of the credit analyst's free period to concentrate on the higher-value credit exposure assessment. Enhance auditing security with a full history of all activity between your customers, credit departments, and distribution.

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