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There was a basic mortgage company called Rock Financial. Gilbert Theory "'The most important thing you have is time,' said Dan Gilbert. This man, best known for his Cleveland Cavalier property, walked back and forth, up and down the corridors at his Quicken Loans HQ. Mr. Gilbert spoke with 270 new staff members, most of whom are "mortgage bankers" who will be selling loans and working with customers for his on-line mortgages bank.

"Gilbert said, "I know guys who made a million bucks, I know guys who made a million bucks, I know guys who made a million bucks, I know guys who lost a million bucks, and I know guys who got it back," he said. Most things you can do, but you can't substitute your own work. It' ll be gone when the times are up. Though his thoughts may not be entirely inventive at the moment, they are still full of handy uses for most humans.

He is bothered that most of us do not appreciate spending our precious moments, that we spent more of our lives reflecting on how to spent our funds than on how best to use our precious moments. It can make us rich, it can make us stronger, it can make us more intelligent or it can be completely wasteful. The majority of those in the room were between 20 and 40 years old, slightly more females than males.

The Quicken Loans is situated in Livland, a Detroit town. While talking to the new staff, many were amazed that he spent his freetime on this issue and not just thinking about how to better market a hypothec. Instead, he spoke about what he thought was most important for the economy and people.

And Gilbert does this every few monthly - an all-day workshop with those who will join his business, which is the nation's top-ranked on-line mortgages group. WE' RE ANSWERING ALL THE PHONES EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. And Gilbert says, "We will find you and exterminate you. The Quicken Loans business is thriving and hires about 200 staff every few years.

The number of staff rose from 1,666 in 2003 to 2,227 in 2004 and 3,200 in 2005 to 3,944 at the beginning of this year. On the web, you'll find blog posts from dissatisfied former Quicken staff who felt unnoticed and couldn't handle the company's needs. And there are plenty of successful tales - those who fought in different companies and were unexpectedly inspiring and enabled when they signed up to the Quicken Loans.

Walking through the second level of the four-story complex, you will see some salespeople in front of the computer, others walking up and down as they speak on headset. Huge displays keep the overview of each call, the seller, the caller' s clock and the later result. "Gilbert hate this term and prefers to be a leader of a squad - sometimes listening.

Whatever your attitude to on-line mortgage lending, imaginative selling and trendy, non-corporate cultural businesses where staff can dress in beautiful denim, hoodies and sneakers, the fact is that much of what Gilbert does works. It'' is not about finding rubbish from the past, but about discovering how humans have handled their own relapses.

Gilbert does not tell his own history during his performance - a history that is inspirational. He' not talking about setting up the firm with $5,000, he's saying he sold some pizza. At the age of 22, the firm was founded in 1985. There was a fundamental mortgages corporation named Rock Financial.

It was in 1996 that he ruled that the web was the way forward and started with 16 persons in a web-centre. Still, he talks about reselling his store in 1999 to a firm named Intuit for $532 million and then repurchasing it in 2002 for $64 million, Forbes said. How it's nearly $1 billion in value and on the Forbes 400 ranking of the wealthiest Americans.

We worked many working days and I had prepared lunch and dinner for our staff so they could make better use of their free times. Have a good meal in the offiice if they wanted to. I spent about $100,000 a million a year for several weeks, but it made us millions every year.

Savein' nothin' to make it rich. The Guy has his own firm. "Don't call a board meeting," Gilbert said. It is a group whose single aim is to keep the business going and help staff find responses. Mr. Gilbert thinks that businesses are wasting so much valuable information because they don't have staff who can find solutions for those who are at the front of distribution and other functions.

'' The Quicken Loans President Pat McInnis noted how a recent amendment has excited many clients. To make it easier to find the right securities, the business just puts all its definitive Mortgage documents in a folder with index cards. Gilbert is about six feet tall and weighs 180 lbs. He is an informally run business - very few suit and bonds.

During his lecture Gilbert was wearing a cool turquoise pullover and bay cord trousers. He presented the new staff members with a note from another firm that bred off officemen for giving each other high five at the end of a sales deal. And he was amazed that the little things he did were so little. There was another example from the actual lives of a man whose dead mom called a bank that charged charges on his deceased mom's bankroll.

However, the firm declined to admit that she was killed because she had no process for processing the deceased's bank account. Gilbert's point was that this was another squandering of Gilbert's precious hours, and even more so that he was creating horrible PR for the firm when the man was telling the tale to boyfriends and girlfriends who in turn were telling the tale to others.

to Gilbert, who gave it to him. You have to enable them to say, "That may be the norm, but it's silly, it doesn't apply," Gilbert said. Gilbert was raised in Detroit and sees himself as a middlewestern guy. Having just opened a Quicken Loans Cleveland offices with 150 employees, he anticipates that from now on it will be almost 350 per year.

It fights the tendency for companies to withdraw from this sector by providing more employment and more opportunity. Love the humans, love the city. But he thinks there has to be a new way of looking at the deal where real problem-seekers see problems-and then have the might to fix them.

Said he knew they needed clothes-hooks, but "they" - the Dallas company offices - wouldn't do it. You had him hiring and firing guys. In conversations like this I began to tell this tale, and again and again he was asked about it. A few month later, he sent me an e-mail and said, "To hell with it.

'' That' because Dan Gilbert is such a bloke, which is part of his mystery.

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