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Property financing | Aegon Our committed relations management team offers our customers outstanding services and continuous communications. Commercial mortgage and equity groups give our customers a footprint for commercial mortgage, B-notes and residential mortgage finance throughout the United States and give them easy entry into an entrenched borrowers group.

Throughout the years, our real estate financing platforms have continued their continued growth through our dedication to our customers and our capability to provide a range of real estate financing solutions. Procure, subscribe and administer financings of mezzanines, B-notes and higher margin first mortgage on commercial real estate. Customers use our trading platforms, which include our in-house lawyers, valuers, engineers and research staff, with the benefit that a credit programme is specifically tailored to maturity, exposure and yield preference.

Customers are provided with tailor-made reports and ongoing communications to promote greater clarity and comprehension. Procuring, underwriting and servicing commercial mortgages on the basis of our own credit programme designed to suit the client's particular goals and appetite for risks. The Relationship Management team ensures ongoing communications and comprehensive advice, and customers are provided with customised reports and full information on portfolios and credit via our web-platform.

Industrial Mortgage-Backed Securities | Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Mr. Katten advises creditors, credit vendors, debt emitters, market makers, bond brokers, service providers, bond brokers, bond brokers, bond brokers, underwriters, placing brokers, service providers and fiduciaries covering the entire life cycle of Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS) operations. The CMBS Wealth Management and Investment Advisory practice consists of senior lawyers in structuring and real estate whose practice in this securitised investment category stretches back to its inception. Throughout the mortgage granting phase, we ensure that securitisation issues are taken into account in advance.

During the securitisation stage, we organise, discuss and prepare documents for all kinds of CMBS deals, encompassing Real Estate Mortgage Investments conduits (REMICs), Monetary Assets Vehicle and a wide range of merger deals. Upon grant, our lawyers advise on CMBS service issues, which include acceptances, allowable and inadmissible capital transfer, changes, approvals, defeats, indulgences and workout to ensure adherence to RMICs.

Each CMBS deal is based on a hands-on CMBS methodology that helps our customers achieve their goals and encompasses assessment of impacts and risks, problem identification and resolution, assessment of the regulator environment and advice on compliancy matters. Katten's expertise ranges from GSE multi-family EMICs and tax-exempt securitisations of low-income residential mortgage bonds to some of the country's highest-volume CMBS programmes and tailor-made one-time issuer schemes.

The CMBS practice is backed by one of the United States' premier real estate practice teams of more than 100 professionals working with our bankruptcy, taxes, litigation, corporate, security and government financing counsel to offer a full range of transaction support capabilities. CMBS is also backed by Kattens Structured Finance and Securitization Group with more than 30 professionals, among them some of the most seasoned mortgage-backed security practitioners in the nation, who have a demonstrated history of innovation and are backed by a fully coordinated steering group.

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