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Obtain your TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) credit report today! Loan reports creditworthiness amp credit check TransUnion. One of the things I' ve heard about TSB's failure to keep credit reporting up to date - Which one? Latest updates

Here we tell you how you can check whether your credit history has been met and what to do if you find that your credit score has dropped. The TSB has acknowledged that there have been delays in the update of the credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) and many clients have noticed the information bubble that began in April.

These, along with information that will be shared from other businesses, will help give an overall idea of how you manage your finances both to the lenders and to other interested parties who will consider your account when making decisions, such as whether you are qualifying for a new credit card as well as a mortgages. TSB was asked whether the reason for the delayed reports was that the April IT problems were preventing the EBRD from doing so, or whether it had taken an proactive stance to stop reports in order to prevent mistakes in client data.

Yet, if you used your account overdraft, had gone over an arranged credit line, used a large percentage of your credit line, or failed a payment in March - but took steps to better this since -frustrating your credit statement has not been updated in order to mirror this.

It is important that your present pecuniary position is clearly mirrored on your credit reports, especially if you are planning to bid for something that will require a credit check, such as a mortgages or a rental of real estate. As a client of the CSB, you should check your credit history to see if the banks have updated your information with the correct information, taking careful note of the information provided since April, when their IT problems began.

TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) spokesman said: "We are conscious of this and are working in close cooperation with the Technical Support Board to minimize the effects. As Experian said, "It is important that people's credit statements should mirror the facts why we work diligently with bankers and creditors to ensure that their clients' statements are kept up to date and accurate.

Check your credit reports for other things that could lower your score, for example, if you are not on the voters list. How will the problem with the credit information of the bank be solved? Speaking on behalf of theTFB, which said:'We are sorry that our clients have seen a lag in updating their credit databases.

We are working very close with the credit bureaus and are making very good headway, so look forward to everything returning to normality soon.

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