Visa Card App

Visas Card App

You can use the app to reserve and receive one of our metallic MCO Visa Platinum cards: Curve simplifies your financial life by connecting all your accounts with a smart card and an even smarter mobile app. Alliance and Visa launches portable payments and customer retention application

Visas (NYSE: V) and Allianz partners bring an cutting-edge new billing solutions to the market: It is the first of its kind in the financial services sector and allows clients to pay quickly, securely and easily using their portable devices on-line and in-store. This new app incorporates an integrated Visa secure transaction management system that substitutes sensible card information with a clear electronic identification (a "token") that allows transactions to be processed without disclosing the real data of the card holder's bank accounts.

In addition, Allianz Prime subscribers profit from an appealing customer retention plan, a clever spending tracking system to facilitate monetary managements, and Digital Payments Protection from Allianz Partners. As of today, the app will be evaluated in Italy, with a number of Allianz clients involved. Alliance Prime subscribers will be able to perform safe wireless transaction at all wireless terminal locations around the world.

The processing of the transaction and the integration of the trust programme is carried out by the Allianz Group' Wirecard Group, the company's provider of electronic finance technologies. The Allianz Prime was designed as a truly scalable Allianz Prime globally operating marketplace. "Allianz has founded Allianz Prime with the help of our Visa and Wirecard affiliates.

It is a way to provide our clients with peace of mind and peace of mind through secure and secure off- and on-line payment, anywhere, at any time. It also provides our Allianz Operating Entities with a truly integrated worldwide environment to connect with their clients on a day-to-day base and enrich our legacy business with technologies and services," said Matthias W√ľnsche, Head of Market Management and Innovation, Allianz Partners.

As soon as clients have downloaded the Allianz Prime App and registered for the services, a Visa card is immediately created by the Wirecard issuer and can be charged from any current banking relationship or via the client's debit card. In order to make contact-free payment possible, Visa card holders insert the Visa card into their cell phone with a single click.

  • Allianz Digital Payments Protection also provides protection against cheating, protects and assists consumers with faulty or corrupted shopping experiences, and provides monetary redress in the event of damage.

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