What to Expect from a Mortgage Broker

Things you can expect from a mortgage broker

Was can I expect from my mortgage broker? Hello there, new to the boards, although I've read through pages and pages of thread as I'm currently considerable in the process of requesting a mortgage and operating on it. I' m using a big toll-free broker as suggested on this page (not sure if I can say name!) and I' m beginning to fear that I made the bad choice.

Until about 3 months ago I was always in my (interest-free) account overdraft before ( as a consequence of altering my Career and returning to university - been in FT Occupation for a year and a half) but this is now fully repaid and I have been leaving over every Month and have been doing for almost 2 Monate although the 3 Monate account overdrafts show use in the beginning.

Account statement also covers the time I spent on vacation in the USA, so the expenses are quite high. Also I have all my customer loyalty badges etc. with the sole exclusion of a 100% interest rate of £5000 on a single charge which I would like to pay back with the sales revenue of my present home.

I' ve never fallen behind and my loan records have no problems with them that I can see. Mortgage Adviser said none of this would be a concern and I now have an AIP and have filed the full claim along with the support documents. Most likely wert noting I have about £90k equities in actual ownership, so mortgage I have applied for is low ltv of 60%.

Until the AIP phase, brokerage was great, but now that the request has been filed, they're very sluggish in replying to e-mails and don't call back. In essence, my main questions are: what are appropriate time limits for answering questions? Today I sent 2 e-mails - 1 a query about the repayment of loans with sales revenue and the query of the valuation result / the query of whether the message will be sent to me and the other, which indicates some errors in the use.

They had checked the "No" field when they were asked if the loan should be cancelled until it was completed when I clearly said to them that it would be, and secondly, they had indicated the suggested real estate buying location as the location to which my present mortgage refers! There was no reply to both my e-mails and the voice mail was not returned.

I don't want to be that kind of bottomache of the customer who expects too much..... I' d change broker if I hadn't already been paying the £300 evaluation surcharge!

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