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The use of a credit card is better than a charge. Insider Picks staff write about things we think you'll like. Whilst using a credit card is a safe way to prevent credit card debts, it opens the floodgates for many a headache if your card is ever stolen. However, if your credit card is ever lost or misplaced, it can be a great way to get away with it. There are a number of things between keeping your credit card up to date, keeping your current bank accounts safe, and receiving your reward, why you should use a credit card instead.

If you spend as much as you can and pay out your credit in full every single months, you prevent the payment of interest charges and debts. A credit card debit is something you should try to prevent - with a few exceptional cases - but that doesn't mean you should try to prevent crediting. Indeed, there are a number of advantages to using it, as well as the ability to create your credit history and the ability to receive invaluable reward.

Most important is to use your credit card as if it were a direct debit card. Instead, you should repay the rest every full monthly, which not only avoids interest, but also means you don't end up spending too much and getting into debts. Why not just use your credit card to make things simpler?

See below to see exactly why you should use a credit card instead.

Once a card gets thieves' hands on your card - either the card itself, or just your information - and goes on a spend tour or makes a payout, you loose the money the individual is spending. Whilst most bankers and card issuers provide at least minimal or even more fundamental cover against cheating, you may not get your money back immediately, especially if it is a long process.

However, with a credit card, the funds on your giro transfer will not be affected until you have paid your bill. When someone thefts your number and collects rogue fees, you can tag them for the card writer, and you don't have to buy them - the card is blocked - until an investigative scam.

Despite the fact that there used to be direct debits, the 2010 Durbin Novelle to the Dodd Frank Law on Consumption Control limited the charges that can be levied by merchant banking institutions for processing direct debits. Consequently, the use of retail direct debit by retail customers is less cost-effective for card issuers so that these emitters have less incentive to encourage such use.

However, credit card companies continue to be lucrative for credit card companies, which have increased their investment in consumer offerings to reduce these vendor charges in the shape of reward payments. Maps like the Chase Sapphire Preferred have 2x points on travelling and eating and 1x point on everything else, while the Freedom Unlimited has 1.

In between these and high sign-up bonuss-the Sapphire Preferred pays 50,000 points when you spent $4,000 within three months, and the Freedom Unlimited pays $150 back after you spent $500 in the same period-you can get profitable reward if you use credit card instead. Simply make sure you always withdraw your entire credit so you don't get into credit card debts or interest.

Almost every grown-up has a credit profil that is managed by credit agencies. Contains information about each of the loans you have requested, retained and made. This information all constitutes your creditworthiness, which is a numeric presentation of your credit profil. Their creditworthiness is favorably influenced by things that show a story of responsible use of credit, such as a story of punctual payment that has had more than one account, not too much debts, and had long term credit exposure.

However, it is adversely affected by things like missed payments or delayed payments, or the lack of a long story of keeping credit. Using and paying for a credit card every single monthly will add another point of credit to your credit record, which in turn will help increase your credit value.

If it comes the time to advertise for a large credit such as a auto or a home loan, you will be more likely to be authorized at a low interest if you have a favorable credit record. The use of a credit card has no effect on your credit histories.

Learn more about how credit card use - in a responsible way - affects your credit history and points here. Most credit card companies provide certain shopping and privacy measures. A further option is Kaufschutz - if something you buy is broken, loss, stolen or otherwise rendered useless within 120 business days following your sale, you will be insured for up to $500 per event if you have used the card to make the sale.

There is also enhanced guarantee cover on the card, which provides an additional guarantee for qualifying purchase that comes with a manufacturer's guarantee of three years or less. As a rule, credit card debt does not provide similar security - this means that you should pay for your larger shopping and travels with a credit card.

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