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American people could repay their debt.

Confronted with a complicated option between a mortgage or a motor home purchase, one might think the mortgage would come first. However, users with multiple loan actually prioritize self-lending - and even smaller loan - in front of their houses, according to a new survey. One TransUnion survey showed that uncollateralized consumer lending - uncollateralized significance there is no security for the borrowers to loose if he or she does not repay - has lower crime rate than automobile lending, mortgage and consumer charge cards, all of which have four kinds of loan.

Around 2 million people with this type of consumer profiling were included in the survey. Research stands in contrast to traditional thinking, which indicates that borrower are more likely to prioritise secure facilities so as not to run the risks of loosing a home or automobile. UBS research indicates that strained homes are likely to be the first to fall into arrears with bank cards, for example before a motor vehicle or student loans.

Thus, why would someone decide to make an unsecured mortgage over their mortgage or auto purchase? "Retail borrower may think they might get a fast return on these credits, even if they are in trouble, and there is a clear, short-term end to the commitment - a "light at the end of the tunnel," in a way," said Ezra Becker, TransUnion's senior VP and research manager for TransUnion's Finance division.

According to TransUnion, mean maturities for uncollateralised retail credit are significantly lower. The private credits taken out in the last quarter of 2016 had an average maturity of 28 month. In comparison to the conditions for car credits and mortgage payments - 60 month and 230 month respectively - private credits provide the fastest way to remove a credit from the bankroll.

It also showed a continuous increase in retail lending delinquency ratios - 1.49% in the 4th trimester of 2016, up from 1.10% in 2012 - but there could be a Silver mantle there. Increasing Delinquent Rate can indeed be a good signal for the business community. Of course, as private sector creditors broaden their client bases to cover lower -rated individuals, crime levels are soaring.

Among these shoppers with all four kinds of loan debts, car lending had the second lower offinquency rates, with third quarter mortgage rates and third quarter card rates.

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