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What time should a soccer team withdraw a player's number? | Footbal

Recently I spoke to some Napoli enthusiasts about Lorenzo Insigne. The Neapolitan, who was hired by the association at the age of 15, has been playing at the San Paolo stadium for almost a century. So I told the crowd that it might be a good idea to give him a new troop number if Insigne could help the side to beat their second Serie A result last year and Napoli won his third Bundesliga game.

Diego Maradona's jersey No. 10, which Diego Maradona had worn in 1987 and 1990, led to the club's withdrawal from the scene after inspiring her to create two Leagueships. Napoli supporters answered with a clear "no". There was nothing against Insigne, they said, but the easy realization that no one will ever earn the number 10 because no one will ever be Maradona.

INSIGNA will have to adhere to number 24 - his wife's date of nativity. Ace Bailey, the Toronto Maple Leaf's celebrity, was the first number to be phased out of pros. As a reaction, Maple Leafs took off Bailey's No. 6 long -sleeved chemise. Withdrawal practices quickly became widespread in US sporting circles.

Now the New York Yankees have sent every number from one to ten into retirement and somehow succeeded in withdrawing their number 8 twice - for Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey. Soccer players had no set troop numbers for a long period of times and instead worn 1-11 suits, depending on who was selected that particular date.

As soon as the cadre numbers were taken, the associations began to send them into retirement. Frequent retirement and the reason for it provide interesting insights into the mentalities of the various teams and their supporters. It' s quite usual for teams to withdraw the number 12 in honor of their supporters, the legendary "12th man".

Neither of the Premier League's latest teams has withdrawn the No. 12 jersey, but teams such as Bristol Rovers, Exeter City, Gillingham, Oxford United, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough, Plymouth Argyle and Portsmouth have opted for the concept. Many numbers have been withdrawn to pay tribute to those gamblers who sadly passed away in their heyday.

Much more fascinating, however, are the withdrawn numbers for those who are either still living or who die long after they retire, such as Bobby Moores No. 6 at West Ham or Javier Zanetti's No. 4 at Internazionale. This has something great, as if the supporters would recommend the game over time, like a Victorian soldier shipped to see the world with his shields and armor on a boat.

Nowhere is this more the case than with Paolo Maldini's No. 3 jersey in Milan. As Maldini hanged his boot in 2009, the No. 3 he was wearing for most of his life wasn't fully retirement, but was kept until one of Maldini's boys, Daniel or Christian, could get out of Milan's teenage system and take it.

Paolo's dad, Cesare, was also Milan's skipper, and at the same time he nodded into the next world. Since 22-year-old Christian is currently in third grade for Pro Piacenza and 17-year-old Daniel is still in the Milan School, it's difficult to see that #3 is anything other than another album around the neck of two young people who already have an unbelievable bequest.

Probably the most popular of all the trequartista's jerseys, the Italian squad's number 10 is probably the most attached to them, but this number was never removed. Neither did his vest in Juventus - where he won the Ballon d'Or and his first Scudetto - or Milan, where he won his second Bundesliga game.

Instead, his 10th Brescia chemise, his last team, was withdrawn. Brescia, a side whose best place in Serie A has ever been 7th, a cavalier might think that they were merely trying to get the last drop of sparkle out of their connection with a real out-of-leagueer.

More charity would consider that Baggio was playing more leagues and scoring more for Brescia than anywhere else in the Juve Tus and that, free from the policy of wardrobe and the injury that hampered his careers in larger Brescia venues, he could be truly powerful in Brescia, which led the Brescia side to this best ever Leagues and Intertoto Cup finals.

Brescia was indispensable to Baggio, so he was not for Inter, Juventus, Milan or Fiorentina. Sending his troop number into retirement was one way of saying, "It's not going to get any better," and it's pointless for a team with Brescia's ressources to claim anything else. Anybody who saw Baggio's golazo against Juventus would concede.

There' s something unsatisfactory and even anti-sporting about withdrawing cadre numbers. An essential part of the attractiveness of the game is that it is constantly renewed; as soon as you are chosen champion, you have to make preparations to defend your championship, because in the new championship everything is set to zero.

It' not surprising, therefore, that most top teams have little interest in taking numbers out of the game. Some of the most popular Rotary Club members want to communicate the concept of continuous innovation in the quest for excellency. It is unlikely that Manchester United will withdraw their legendary No. 7 T-shirt, and so will Juventus' No. 10.

They are both proud of the long lists of famous names they have wore, indicating that these garments will still be used by the stars of the game. Even if Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are hanging up their boot, it would be a surprise if Barcelona or Real Madrid were to withdraw their numbers.

On the contrary, Naples thinks about Maradona. Yet by associating their only successful spell so strongly with a man, they reveal the anxiety that there will never be another one. Napoli, if he wants to gain a third Scudetto, may have to conquer these difficulties and take over the mindset of his hateful rival Juventus, who see achievement as both a right and an obligation, and not a miracles.

Meanwhile, Insigne could do a lot harder than considering the words of a Napoli supporter who said it to me: "If he and this Neapolitan team can beat this championship, the clubs could just do it. Our paper revenue had declined and the technology that linked us to a worldwide public had deducted the publicity dollars from the newsgroups.

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