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One growing source of conflict for the insurance industry in recent years has been the cost of credit repair rates that exceed those of conventional repairs. loan repair rates repayments An increasing cause of conflicts for the insurers in recent years has been the cost of credit repair instalments that exceed those of traditional repairs. TCF's response to helping our customers solve this dilemma is our Credit Repair Reporting (CRR). The CRR includes two sets of services for our instructional customers, a brief and a full CRR that give them the necessary agility to address the problem of credit repair on a case-by-case base.

The TCF broadly follows the same methodologies for achieving benchmark rates per hour for vehicle repair under credit repair systems as it does for its basic rental benchmark. Again, TCF will adopt its mysstery shopping strategy, which identifies the beneficiary's circumstance and reflects it by requesting the real credit repair shop by telephone to obtain a directly similar tariff to the one invoiced.

Like TCF's flag ship BHR-Service, a query is then performed. Typically, a fundamental query for "Body Repair in (Plaintiff's Site)" is used, and the TCF rate comparator will work its way through the results that each business contacts one by one to obtain the two extra comparative installments.

As an alternative, if the vessel has been serviced by a major retailer, a quest will be carried out via the dealership's website to obtain the nearest authorised repairers of the major retailer who will once again work their way down the tariffs until the specified number of tariffs is reached. Phone call records are made available to our instructional customers on demand, enabling a smooth and clear audit proces.

If they are commissioned with a brief summary of the results obtained using the above method, they are presented in a straightforward, easily understandable two-page summary which can be used for negotiating in the initial phase of a complaint at low cost. When a more solid testimony is needed for informal proceedings or a case is being processed, we can either update our client's summary reports or prepare a full one from the inception.

While our full BRR has the added benefit of protecting TCF's fully CPR-compliant testimony, and can therefore be used in the courts, resulting in higher costs, the cost of a summary will be subtracted from the closing balance if a full BRR is updated at a later date.

The price includes: if needed for an extra charge. If you would like to get a sample article and a price list, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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