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So how do I get help buying London?

To buy a home, you must go through a home owner who is enrolled in the Help to Buy program, and therefore you must contact the home owner directly. You can access the online real estate information forms by following the above links or you can click on the above links to get the hard copy and find it at the bottom of this page.

It' important that you check out the Help to Buyers Guide available for downloading here and on the How does it work page. Assistance to Buy - Equity loans houses are available from home owners who are enrolled to provide assistance to buy houses in England. Find out what development can help you buy an equity loan in the area you want to be living in and talk to local representatives.

As soon as you have reserved a home and paid your booking charge, which should not exceed £500. When you download the Real Estate Information Request Forms, please send us an e-mail along with your booking request forms. On this website or through the real estate browsers below you can find help buying real estate in London:

As an alternative, you can find out who offers the Equity Loan Programme in London on the Find a Property page.

Information on the requester

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