Financial Debt Counselling

Advice on financial debt

Borrower counsellors are responsible for dealing with complex debt situations and help people manage their finances and eventually become debt-free. Companies active in the field of asset financing (e.g. equipment brokerage).

budget planning

When you are in dire financial straits, we can work with you to help you keep away from debt. Can you help the Salvation Army in its work of financial integration? Debts are a concern that affects many individuals, and we provide expert guidance that is available and free of charge. Debts can cause the collapse of relations, impair one' s good fortune, cause house losses, cause depressive feelings, anxiety, rage and embarrassment, and sometimes cause serious drug dependence issues.

In some of our centers we provide a free, private and professionally managed welcome for those who struggle with their financial situation. They have a dedicated staff of highly skilled debt advisors who routinely engage with customers to review and administer their financial problems. Salvation Army Debt Counseling is based on dedicated voluntary workers who provide their training to become skilled debt counsellors and help you with difficult financial situations, contact borrowers on your account and link you to other Salvation Army sectors that can help.

In the Salvation Army, our centers for financial integration deliver convenience and empowerment as well as hands-on help. The work of Financial Integration changes one' s live; it is not just about making good things, it is about empowering others to get away from things that have destroyed their souls. Salvation Army works with CommunityMoneyAdvice ( "CMA") to deliver Debt Advisory Services ("DAS").

Debt advisors are NVQ Level 3 educated and offer continuous, end-to-end assistance to customers experiencing financial foreclosure. We currently have five debt counselling offices. In order to tackle the increasing domestic problem of debt, we aim to raise our debt counseling centers to seven within the next fiscal year, with a further eight scheduled for the following year.

This will be done by our financial integration coordinators: Preparation of a report on a client's income/expenditure and independent review of his financial situation, provision of budget guidance to the customer with available choices, letters on customer's behalf addressed to believers suggesting plans for payments (in whole or in part), provision of pasoral and hands-on assistance, provision of free services to customers.

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