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Barclaycard's offer of credit remittance products can help you reduce your bank charges. You can do it on-line - just give us your credit or debit information, your credit limits and a few pieces of your own information and you're gone. When transferring a credit from another credit or debit line to your Barclaycard, you will not earn interest on your credit during your promotion term if you make at least your minimal one month deposit on schedule.

A different credit line, a different annual interest charge, a different buying price or a different sales carryover time may be available to you than shown here, depending on your specific situation. A different credit line, a different annual interest charge, a different buying price or a different sales carryover time may be available to you than shown here, depending on your specific situation.

A different credit line, a different annual interest charge, a different buying price or a different sales carryover time may be available to you than shown here, depending on your specific situation. A different credit line, a different annual interest charge, a different buying price or a different sales carryover time may be available to you than shown here, depending on your specific situation.

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Twenty-eight of the best iPhone recycling applications for iPhone, Android and more.

There is a wide selection of bicycle information and aids on your smart phone, from navigating to scheduling and following your workout. It can take the place of a bicycle computer or GPS - and also take phone shots (remember?). Trip information can be stored and posted to sites associated with applications so you can track your journey and benchmark it against others.

Featuring more features than the modest cycle computer, the smart phone allows you to simply follow and log trips, schedule trips, keep an eye on your workout, and more. Here is a listing of some really useful cycle applications that are currently available. There is something for everyone from navigating through route planner to repairing your cycle.

It allows you to carry out a basic test to check the air dynamics of different suspension structures. Just append the basic information like sex, ages, weight and you are well advised to start with the free game. Libesum is available for Android (Link is external) and Appleunes ( Link is external).

Beginning in Australia, Beanhunter's application has evolved into a fairly extensive data base of cafés around the world. Cycling Citizens is a navigation application and guidebook in one, offering a vast, continuously up-dated database of global map information and many hints and suggestions to make the most of your trip to a new holiday location if you are planning to cycle.

Bike Citizens' maps are built on a constantly developing open street mapping system, and you can also include your own itineraries in the data base, which means there are many interesting trips that users can submit and try on the application. Routenplaner has speech controls so you don't have to stare at your mobile while you're navigating, and it selects different grades of incline according to your preference.

More than 450 towns and cities in Europe are included in the data base, including many more around the world. The difference to other navigational applications lies in the route, as Komoot often offers you many ways to reach your destinations that are not always the fastest. Cycling Calculator is a rapid way to quickly evaluate different speeds on your bicycle, the settings you are considering and see how quickly you will ride in a certain speed with a certain pedaling frequency (pedal turns per minute).

Just append your bicycle detail and all mathematical tasks are done for you. You can of course do the computations yourself or use something like Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator, but this application makes things quick and easy. There is a free copy of the £1.99 Motorcycle Gear Calculator available, which gives you an extended one.

Both Android and iPhone models are available with the use of the Gear Calculator. Once your trip has been approved for your tracking device, Relive will send you an e-mail with a short shortcut to your videotape. Availability for Android (Link is external) and iPhone (Link is external) units. Bikecomputer is a refreshably easy application that turns your mobile device into a bikecomputer using your own hand.

Available on both Android( Apps and icOS, this free application keeps track of key performance indicators such as speed, distances, routes and altitude. There is a dim display option that cuts down on your batteries and makes it visible on overnight trips, and Bike Computer Co. claims that its application is also 12% more energy efficient than any other portable fitness tracking device on the road, which decreases the likelihood of it being busy during a trip.

The Bike Computer is available for Android (Link is external) and diOS equipment (Link is external). Comes with Android (Link is external), iPhone (Link is external) and Microsoft Windows 10 mobile (Link is external). The Cyclemeter is a really useful application that turns your iPhone (not currently available for Android) into a bike computer, which is very convenient if you attach your cell phones to your handlebar and provide a lot of information at a single look.

While there are many maps available, one that you may already have on your mobile and that you don't recognize is Google Maps. Latest release has been offering bike tours for some now and works very well. The Endomondo is an action following application with many supporters, and part of its attractiveness lies in its ease of use in comparison to other similar applications like Strava.

The MapMyRide has been around for quite some time and is a very much loved way to plan or find other nearby itineraries, with a large data base of available itineraries, making it a good choice for those who want to discover part of the land. It' free, but there is a free edition that gives you enhanced features like extended editing features and map functions.

cycling UK introduced the Fill That Hole Mechanism for notifying pot holes to locals a few years ago (when they were still known as CTC ), which makes it simpler than trying to find the right section in your municipal parliament to mark a hazardous pot hole. It is free and really simple to use and offers a good degree of detail every hour and every day.

Comes with Android (link is external) and iPhone (link is external). Not surprisingly, wheather applications are loved by bikers. It is the offical application for the Cycle Rent London for Santander Cycles and allows you to find your next cycle and dock. Route scheduling is the place where applications can be really useful.

With this program you can schedule your trip from A to Bi anywhere in the UK, with three different routings suitable for different kinds of bikers, from the commuter to the beginner. Here is a very efficient autoroute planner application that is very much loved by bikers looking for long haul trips. Over 4 million food items in a single data base makes it simple to keep tabs on how many calories your meal provides.

Maintenance, repair or overhaul of your bicycle can be a bit frightening at first, and this is where this very useful application comes in. This is a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting all kinds of mechanic problems with your bicycle. Here is another application for bicycle assembly. Planning your itinerary is made easier with Bicycle Hub, an application that can find the fastest or fastest way for you to get home or to the offices.

A further useful function is the possibility of finding the closest bicycle dealer. When you are interested in route planner and also in using common route, you should have a look at CycleMaps. It is continuously up-dated with a large data base of itineraries. You can save favorite itineraries, as well as save GPX and KML itineraries, and view all your cycling trails.

Would you like more bike sports applications? Take a look at all the bike sports applications we have introduced. Do you have regular phone applications that you use for biking?

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