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Enable your Home Mastering 'Instinct for EQ'.

Just forgive all the extravagant plug-ins, equipment and gimmicks folks talked about - EQ is the actual way to master. Ian Shepherd is my name - I am a graduate engineering master and executive Producer and the creator of Dynamics Range Day. Often during the attending mastersessions, I am asked exactly what I do at I EQ these times - why I make the decision I make and how I "know" what the right one is.

And I have gotten additional clarification about the things I have learnt to do myself - the way I think about EQ, how I hear and how I make my decisions when I do mastersing. Homemastering EQ is a profound approach to the application of EQ in masters. Video is conceived in such a way that it can be viewed in the order in which it introduces new concepts, technologies and methodologies at each time.

Aren't these just for your own mix or do they help you mix? - Pierre Blanchette" "Yes, I particularly like the notion of using catchwords to remind us what we were looking for in EQ - Josiah Quad" "I think the EQ video is not only very useful in the area of editing, but the principle also applies to the mix.

Is this video available or can I use it? You can keep the video - you can always keep it - just go ahead and get it and view it whenever you want. I have had such a great response to these video clips from everyone who has seen them, I am sure you will find them useful as well.

It was difficult to compile these video clips! It took me a really long time digging to find out how I think about EQ, how I hear and how to turn that into samples and technique that would help you do the same.

Home Mastering EQ Workshop

Updated - to see the complete 80-minute Home Mastersing EQ Workshop, click here: I' m going to do something this Friday named Home Mastersing EQ Workshop. It will be a free Google+ meeting place where I'll show you how I use EQ for my masters - using your own songs as an example.

I' ll work for hours on as many songs as I can, and anyone can enter a single piece - I' ll select from a variety of different styles to offer as wide a palette as possible. Everyone can join the free hangouts - see below - but I only send all the detail on how to send a tracking by e-mail.

Entries for this event are now final, but if you would like to be informed about similar upcoming activities, please send your e-mail to the field below and click on "Subscribe". Please note that if you want to enter a track, you must register using the field above.

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