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Apply for a home loan online

After you apply, what happens? Full setup in minutes online or on your smartphone! Buy help When you apply for Help to Buy, you must have reserved a real estate before you apply, as we need the detail of the real estate you are going to buy. Then you can fill in the PIF (Property Information Form) and send it to us together with your booking request.

Please have the PIF printed and signed and sent to us either by e-mail or by mail. It is also necessary to fill in a direct debit form for the 1 per pound per months administration charge that you will be paying when you join the system. It will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as you have completed your jobselection.

Only when we have received a copy of all these documents will your job interview begin. Online applications are the fastest way to make a choice - check out our below videos to find out how: for LCHO - co-ownership, OPSO, Rent to Buy etc. When you apply for Low Cost Homeership, please make sure that the design you select in your app provides the program you want to apply for, either it is or it is:

Individual loan or credit line

Current audit clients can apply for a loan or line of credit of $1,500 to $15,000. View your authorized loan in seconds and have your money within three workdays. We consider more than your credentials; we consider your bank relation and story to qualifying you. Current Check clients with an e-mail adress can apply and establish a loan or line of credit of $1,500 to $15,000 online in just a few moments!

View your authorized loan in seconds! Full set up in a few moments online or on your smartphone! Get your money in less than 3 workdays. You can choose between a forward loan or a line of credit. In this case, you have the following options

Obtain Santander housing benefit in just 30 min by going online.

House owners can apply for a Santander home loan online and make a choice in less than 30 mins. Previously, clients had to call the bank's help line and submit documentation to remorse their assets. It' s open to new and current clients who already have a mortgages and just want a better offer instead of moving.

Claimants will be informed whether they have been granted provisional approval for the loan in less than half an hours. They will then receive an e-mail from San Antonio informing them of the status of their loan request.

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